This week’s tip is less of a tip and more of a nudge in the bum with regard to your health and wellbeing.

You see, I recently had some emergency dental work done.

Seriously not fun. (In the mouth or in the wallet!!!!)

But here’s the thing….

The emergency dental work was not a surprise.

I’d had tooth pain for months. But I kept soldiering on, I just kept on going, ignoring the pain – because that’s what we women do isn’t it.

We just keep on, keeping on.

So this is my nudge in your bum.

Where are you procrastinating on your health?

Where are you sweeping your health needs under the carpet?

Maybe you’re telling yourself that you can’t financially afford to get the treatment you know you need – and yet you know darn well that if one of your children required the exact same treatment, you’d pay for it in an instant.

Perhaps you’re telling yourself you don’t have the time to take off work, that it’s too hard to schedule.

But let me tell you this – when the medical emergency arises, your schedule will be completely blown out of the water, and you’ll be wishing you’d taken action earlier.

So – let me ask you again – where is it that you’ve been delaying putting your own needs first?

Maybe for you, it’s a nagging tooth pain. Is it a recurring back pain? Is there an annual examination you know you’re late on?

What is it that you need to go and get sorted before it gets any worse?

Perhaps you’ve noticed a shortness of breath as you climb the stairs? Maybe you have a nagging fear that your doctor is going to diagnose you as being borderline diabetic?

What is it that your body is telling you that you are ignoring?

I get it. Sometimes good health can feel expensive either financially or time-wise.

But here’s the truth: without our health, there is no wealth. Our health is our wealth.

My very expensive dentist bill and rescheduling several days worth of clients, all could’ve been avoided if I’d dealt with the situation.

Less soldiering on and more looking after yourself!

So please, let this be your wakeup call. If you need permission to put yourself first and to start taking care of your needs…let me give you permission today.

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