If you were using your words in a way that prevented weight loss, you’d want to know about it, wouldn’t you?

Here’s the thing – our unconscious mind has a curious quirk.

It’s a quirk that most people don’t know about.

And because they’re unaware of it, they’re unwittingly using their words in a way that sets them up for weight loss failure.

The quirk is this:

… the unconscious mind cannot process a negative.

In English, that means our mind struggles with being told ‘what not to do’.

For example, if I said to you right now, “whatever you do right now, “Don’t think of a pink elephant”.

What happens?

Immediately, you make a picture in your mind of a pink elephant. We can’t help it. It’s what we do. We think of the thing we’ve been told to not think about!

When you give your mind an instruction in the negative it first needs to think of the thing you’re telling it ‘not to think of’, so it can then think ‘aha, so the opposite of that’.

Makes sense?

How does this apply to weight loss?

The language of many women who are unhappy with their weight is phased in the negative, “I don’t want to feel tired stressed and heavy”.

How much better and more accurate does it feel to say I want to feel relaxed, I want to feel light, I want to feel energised.?”

Makes sense right?

Notice how different it feels in your body as you say it as you want it. So start giving yourself clear instructions of how you want to be feeling, the shape and size you want to be, by saying IT AS YOU WANT IT.

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