How often do you buy foods for the ‘grandkids’ … and as soon as you get home, you demolish what you bought for the grandkids, yourself?

It’s okay. You’re human!

What I want you to start doing is stack the deck in your favour.

Here’s exactly what I mean.

If you’re at the grocery store and you are faced with biscuits or chocolates or crisps – whatever it is that you KNOW you will eat the entire package of – then don’t buy them.

Don’t buy them.

Don’t buy them.

Leave the biscuits, the crisps and the chocolates on the shelf. It’s okay, somebody else will buy them. They will have a happy home with someone else.

Why sabotage yourself?

Why “test yourself”?

So stack the deck in your favour.

Leave the foods that you know you’ll be triggered, leave them in the grocery store.

Instead, support yourself.

Why make things HARDER on yourself than they need to be?

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