How often do you tell yourself you need to “lose the weight before you find your  life?”

It’s a very, very common form of self-sabotage, especially for us women.

Now the way it works is this.

“When I’m slimmer, I’ll

…go to my school reunion…find the courage to ask for that promotion…I’ll have the energy to play with my grandkids….go to the beach… leave the lights on ….

So you, darling.

Where are you putting your life on hold until “I’m slimmer”?

And in the meantime, you’re waiting. You’re waiting, and you’re waiting some more.

All the while you’re waiting, you’re bored, you’re stressed, you’re frustrated.

That’s right! It’s not a salad that we snack on when we’re bored or frustrated!

Can you see that waiting for the slimmer you, is the perfect way to stay stuck in your life?

What if you stopped waiting and just started doing?

What if you decided that you don’t need to be slim to ask for that promotion, to go to the beach, to go to your school reunion, to play with your grandkids, to spice it up in the bedroom?

All of a sudden, your life is full, your soul is nourished, and you don’t need your mouth to be full get that dose of pleasure.

After a while, you notice that you’re getting closer and closer to being your happy shape and size—because you’ve stopped waiting and you’ve started doing.

So get started today.

Pick one thing you’ve been waiting on and go start doing it.

I hope you found that useful and I look forward to seeing you next with another making peace with food tip.


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