Back when I was elbow-deep in my own personal food battle, I was scathingly dismissive of any kind of self-care.

“How incredibly trivial it is!” I thought as I soldiered on, martyring myself.

But, now that I have peace with food, I know self-care is an essential adult life-skill.

And it correlates directly to our health, happiness, and wellbeing.

Many of the women I work with have a history of caring so much for others, for so long, that they’re seething inside and wondering why they keep bingeing on food.

No matter where you are on your making peace with food journey, we women need to remember that.

1. Self-care is life-giving oxygen

When we practice regular self-care, we’re more able to focus on our goals, we’re more engaged and productive, and less drawn to self-sabotaging “escape” behaviours like stress or resentment eating.

2. Self-care creates feelings of relaxation, calm, and peace

When we’re relaxed, our self-repair mechanisms are activated, which is great for digestion and improves our immune functioning.

3. Little eyes notice everything you do

We all know that actions speak louder than words.

The way you respect your own needs is a much more powerful example to the youngsters in your home than any words you say.

We, women, need to walk our talk and show the younger generation that self-care isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity for a happy, healthy life.

So from today, take the time to go for that walk in nature, enjoy that fiction novel that’s been sitting on your bedside table for months, or start that hobby you’ve been contemplating for years.

However you choose to do self-care, know this gorgeous—you are worthy and deserving of self-care, freedom and fun. So take care of you, okay?

And the more you give yourself life-giving oxygen, the more you can be there for loved ones…. but from a place of joy, of peace, of love.



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