Would you like to know a super simple language mistake that many overweight women make?

Let’s see if you’re making it as well.

So many of the clients I work with talk about my fat thighs, my depression, my enormous appetite, my muffin top.

Now, the problem is this.

Our unconscious mind is very reluctant to let go of anything we prefix with the word ‘my’ or ‘mine’.

Anytime we call something ‘my’ or ‘mine’, we have a very strong sense of ownership over it, and we find it difficult to part with it or let it go.

Can you see how it’s counterproductive to keep calling something you don’t want to keep – mine – while all the time longing to be free of it?

So what I encourage you to do is only prefix something you want to keep and are proud of, with ‘my’ or ‘mine’. Like ‘my determination to my health’ or ‘my commitment to my wellbeing’.

You can take back your power back by depersonalising the way you label the bit extra that you’re carrying.

For example, ‘this’ bit extra or ‘the’ muffin top.

As soon as you talk about ‘the’ muffin top, or ‘this’ extra weight, you’re removing the emotional connection to it, and it makes it much much easier for you to be free of it.

‘This’ and ‘the’ are neutral words.

(Which also explains why we women hate being called ‘the’ wife instead of ‘my’ wife!!! It’s very depersonalised).

So no more talk of ‘my’ big bum, ‘my’ love of chocolate, ‘my’ need for crisps.

Depersonalise anything you want to let go of by using ‘the’ or ‘this’.


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