What do you do when your weight loss goal seems miles away, and your motivation has gone AWOL?

Here’s a simple tip you can apply immediately to kick start your motivation.

In fact, you’re watching this video blog right now as a result of me applying this exact tip!

Here’s the tip:

According to a Canadian-based psychologist, we need to:

“stop using the “elusiveness of motivation” as an excuse to not get things done.”

Here’s what that means:

…we tend to see motivation as this “thing” that we can get, find or acquire.

And that as soon as we get, find or acquire this motivation – then it’ll be smooth sailing.

But……that as long as we don’t “have it”, we can easily blame our inaction on the fact that we just haven’t “tapped into our motivation yet”.

For example, how often do you put off looking after your body, eating healthy foods or going for a walk – until you feel like it?

We’re waiting for the feeling to arrive or to find that motivation before we do the thing we know we need to do.

But here’s the beautiful and very freeing truth.

It’s still entirely possible to act. EVEN IF WE’RE NOT FEELING motivated.

In fact – the taking action can often precede the finding of motivation.

Only this morning I faffed about for several hours before filming this video because I was looking for motivation!

Sure, it might not feel quite as good to act without possessing motivation… but we’re all completely capable of doing it anyway.

Think about the wasted hours, the months, the years that we spend looking for motivation!

So I encourage you – when motivation deserts you, stop looking for it.  Just take the action that you know you need to take. Go for that walk, move your body, and notice how motivated you feel because you’ve taken action.



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