Will hypnotherapy make me reveal deep, dark secrets?

Or do embarrassing things against my will?

It’s a great question.

You’d be amazed how often I’m asked.

Many women are understandably nervous about the idea of ‘mind-control’.

Fortunately, it’s a myth.

That is propagated by many stage hypnotists, who like to push the rather silly but hilarious idea that they have absolute and complete power over the participant in their stage hypnosis show.

What we see in the movies and Hollywood is pure and utter fantasy as well.

Hypnotherapy is NOT a method of me magically controlling your mind.

Instead: it’s a way of YOU learning to have more control of YOUR own mind.

Contrary to popular belief and myths, no hypnotherapist can make anyone do anything that is against their fundamental value system.

Because our unconscious mind has natural defences built in which will automatically reject any suggestions it deems as harmful. The unconscious mind is really clever like that.

If you choose to participate in my Virtual Gastric Band programme – or if you decide to work with one of the many wonderful hypnotherapists around New Zealand – YOU WILL REMAIN IN CONTROL AT ALL TIMES.

I hope you found that reassuring – and soothing – and I look forward to seeing you next week.

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