Here’s a question for you.

How often do you make yourself eat superfoods or foods you don’t like – just because you’ve read somewhere or heard somewhere that they’re healthy for you and will help you shift the weight?

If so, you’re going to love today’s tip.

Something I’ve noticed in many of the women I work with is this.

They force themselves to eat foods they detest just because they’ve heard they’re healthy.

I’m giving you permission to stop.

Stop eating foods you don’t like.

For example, a recent client shared how much she hated lettuce.

It was fascinating how much she hated lettuce. Her concern was she’d never become her happy shape because she didn’t like lettuce.

Turns out, she loved kale, tomatoes, cucumber and plenty of other nourishing-straight-from-the garden- full-of-goodness foods…. just not lettuce.

Here’s the thing.

She was beating herself up because she was a non-lettuce lover!

The key to long-term sustainable weight loss – the key to becoming your happy shape and size is making it a lifestyle change.

So, find the healthy foods that you do enjoy – AND ENJOY THEM!

Make sense?

If you’re looking for long-term sustainable weight loss, the virtual gastric band hypnosis can help.

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