Today I’d like to talk about your driving habits.

You might be thinking what have my driving habits got to do with my weight?

Quite a lot as it turns out!

Here’s why: distracted eaters, overeat.

So, for example, this week I worked with a sales rep whose job requires her to spend a tremendous amount of time in the car.

While driving from A to B she’d frequently find herself devouring an entire bag of cashew nuts or crisps or sweets – without even realising BECAUSE SHE WAS SO DISTRACTED BY THE TRAFFIC.

So, do yourself a favour and stop eating while driving.

If you spend time on the road, find yourself a picturesque place to pull over, and eat your crisps, cashews or pick and mix.

Eat them slowly, savour them, enjoy them – without distraction.

Just because you can eat and drive doesn’t mean you should!

I hope you found that helpful.

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C’mon over to Lighten Up.



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