So how exactly how do your reading habits influence your happy shape and size?

It’s a great question!

If you’re a voracious reader, and you eat while reading, there’s a very high chance you’re setting yourself up to fail when it comes to your weight.

Here’s why.

The simple fact is — if you eat while reading, you’re distracted.

And if you’ve been following me for a while now, you know the truth — distracted eaters overeat.

We eat without realising how much we’ve eaten.

We’re mesmerised…

What happens is we’re busy being mesmerised by the story.

We’re mesmerised by the characters in the book, and we’re transported off to another era, another time, another place.

And we forget ourselves and what we’re doing here and now.

For example, a client I worked with recently in the Lighten Up programme would frequently read a book while eating her favourite chocolate – Lindt balls.

She’d often get to the end of her chapter and wonder who’d eaten all her Lindt balls.

“Where did all the chocolate go?!”

Now, this lady lives alone, so it’s not as though she could accuse her husband or her children!

If you want to read, read.

If you want to eat the chocolate Lindt balls, eat the chocolate Lindt balls.

But stop multitasking.

No more eating while reading: whether it’s a novel, the newspaper, or social media.

Eating is about nourishing your body. Reading is about nourishing your imagination.

Just because you can do them simultaneously —doesn’t mean you should.

Or at least, not if you want to be your happy shape and size.

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C’mon over to Lighten Up.




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