Are you a mum?

And are you worried about the eating habits of your child?

Many mums share that nothing they do – no amount of nagging, no amount of worrying, no amount of restricting what goes in the lunch box– seems to change their kids eating habits.

So what’s a mum to do?

What I encourage you to do – and this might not be what you want to hear – is get up close and personal with your own eating habits.

For example, are you sneaky eating when you think no one’s watching?

Are you denying yourself foods you love, then bingeing later.

Do you talk about good foods vs bad foods?

Little eyes watch everything

While it might seem that our children don’t listen to what we say because they’re busy learning, growing, playing, goofing off being a kid – they do watch everything you (and dad) do.


So next time you ask them to “leave that chocolate alone because dinner’s on its way”, but then you sneak some chocolate before dinner, get curious about what example you are setting.

Our kids watch everything we do. Which is why I love working with women create change in their own eating habits. Because when we women create peace with food so does the next generation.

I hope you found that helpful. If you’re ready to dive deeper into how you can reset your eating habits you might like to know that Lighten Up – my online, six-week virtual gastric band programme opens shortly. Why not pop on over and add your name to the waitlist so you’re in the know when doors open. Otherwise, I’ll see you next week for another making peace with food tip.


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