How are you?

I wanted to pop in to share an encouraging idea with you.

Because, at this time of year, it’s very easy to put our lives under the microscope and find ourselves lacking in some way.

But I’ve realised – as I reflect on the ups and downs of this decade – that no experience is ever wasted.

– If I hadn’t experienced an emotionally abusive relationship, I’d not fully appreciate the truly amazing man I have the pleasure of being with today.

– If I hadn’t struggled with food addiction, and experienced the self-criticism that accompanies being at war with your body — I wouldn’t be able to help change the lives of hundreds of women struggling on their own weight journey.

– If I hadn’t experienced the emotional exhaustion that comes with being a ‘high-achieving people-pleaser’, I’d not understand the inner peace that comes from taking back my own power.

While each of these experiences felt excruciating at the time, they all led to a deeper sense of self-worth, connection and freedom.

So, how can you view the past decade in a way that allows you to feel more joy this Christmas Day?

Because everything is working out for YOU.

Sparkle on, lovely.

PS: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me in to your inbox.

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