OK, so it’s January and if you’re like most women around the world you’ve decided focus on your health. Good for you.

Your teeth are gritted, your fists are clenched, and you’re telling yourself “this time will be different!!!”

You need the F-word

But I’m here to share that without the F-word, you’ll get the same frustrating result as in past Januarys.

Here’s why…

Before we start the decade afresh, we need to close the door on the shame we carry in our heads about our past diet failures.

Releasing the shame is super important because shame is one of the biggest causes of self-sabotage for us women.

Simply put, if you’re carrying shame, your sparkley new-decade declarations won’t mean a thing.

So how do we start the new decade afresh?

By using the F-Word.

What’s the F-Word?


I encourage you to forgive yourself for past diet failures.

With forgiveness it means you can stop obsessing about why you didn’t succeed in the past.

There’s an immense power in forgiveness.

A newness.

A release.

A freshness.

Disappointment, guilt, shame, frustration, resentment – these are very destructive emotions.

They eat away at us, they weigh heavily on hearts (and our hips), and are absolutely incompatible with making peace with food.

All that emotional baggage will predispose you to self-sabotage.

Notice your language patterns

Gently observe your language patterns and notice when you say, “This’ll never work” or “Why do I even bother?”

These language cues are a heads-up you’re still lugging that suitcase of old emotional “stuff” with you which means you’re creating your future from your past.

Start fresh with forgiveness

Who cares how many times you’ve stumbled previously!

Forgive yourself and start again.

Now if you would like more mindset tools to help you make peace with food I encourage you to join me in my free women’s only Facebook group. It’s called Peace With Food.



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