I’d love to be able to say, “I never overeat”.

But that would be a fib!

However, compared to where I used to be – when I’d graze, nibble and snack my way through the day – things have changed massively.

Do you want to know the #1 mindset shift that made all the difference?

Like so many clients, I had bought into the myth that if I could “be more in control” then “I could lose the weight”.

But I want to let you in on a secret…

Control is not the answer to weight loss.

Diets are all about control.

Food is separated into ‘good’, ‘naughty’ and ‘forbidden’.

Points are counted.

It’s a world of deprivation, rules and control.

And, you know exactly how that ends.

Whenever we have a rigid or militant or controlling relationship with food, there’s the inevitable flipside – that of being completely out-of-control and bingeing.

Having more control isn’t the answer.

Control is an illusion that the diet industry spends billions of dollars trying to convince us is worth our time chasing. But it’s not.

If not control, then what?

My recommendation – from my own experience and from helping hundreds of women create a peaceful relationship with food –

Instead of controlling your body, go for NOURISHING your body.

For example, before you put anything food in your mouth and before you make your choice at a restaurant, ask yourself – will this nourish my body?

Nourishing our body has a very, very different feeling. A different look to it, a very different energy.

And it’s only when we stop trying to control our body, and instead coming from the perspective of nourishing out that we treat her with care and kindness…and we stop punishing ourselves with overeating.

Go play with that question today.

Is that nourishing my body? And see what your body tells you.

If you’ve been in a controlling relationship with your food, learning how to break that pattern and learn to nourish your body is a process. It takes time but it can be done!

If you’d like help with this process – and other mind management techniques – you might like to join my free Facebook group called Peace with Food.



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