How often do you set a goal – maybe drop a dress size, come of meds or feel more energised – but you keep repeating the old behaviour?

We know that doing the same old, same old, isn’t going move us towards our happy shape and size … but we do it anyway!

Same stuff, different day…grrrrrr!

What most people do is this. We create our future from our past.

By that I mean, since we’re repeating the same old behaviours, of course, our future feels like a repetition of the past.

If you recognise this about yourself – you’re not crazy – it’s because our unconscious mind loves the familiar.

So instead of creating your future from your past, what I encourage you to start making decisions from the future happy healthy you.

Here’s how that looks.

Your future looks bright…

Imagine the slim, happy healthy you. The you who is off meds, the you who has lots of energy, the you who’s lost a dress size, or several!

Now imagine that you. And make ALL your decisions from her perspective.

For example, what would she do now?

Literally, ask her advice.

Maybe you’re choosing what to have for breakfast or you’re choosing what to pick from the menu. Maybe you’re thinking about skipping your daily walk!

“What would the future you, the slim, happy, healthy version of you do?”

She’s the version of you who’s already achieved what you want, so she has the answer.

By asking her for guidance, you’re tapping into some very deep wisdom.

And the more you listen to the wisdom of the future you, in the now, the sooner you’ll create the changes you’re after and the sooner the pair of you will meet!

Interestingly, because it’s YOU telling you what to do, you’ll find your inner rebel much more accepting of the advice, than if it came from another person.

Go have a chat with the future of you before you make any more decisions!

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