About 75% of women I work with identify as being “a foodie”.

If you’re a foodie and you’d like to shift some weight,  today’s tip is for you.

What’s a foodie?

A foodie is someone interested in food, someone who is curious about exploring new foods, someone who savours and enjoys their food.

What a foodie isn’t.

– A foodie isn’t someone who goes back for seconds and thirds because “I wouldn’t want it to go to waste” which means every meal becomes an overeating event.

– A foodie isn’t someone who picks and nibbles and grazes so frequently during the day that when night time comes they fall asleep with a food baby stretching their jim-jams.

– A foodie isn’t someone who sprints through their meals so they can speed onto the next thing on their 12-page to-do list.

Get honest

I encourage you to get super honest with yourself.

Are you really a foodie?

Or have you developed some less-than-awesome eating habits? Some less- than-nourishing eating habits and less-than-loving eating habits?

How to start being a true foodie (not a fake foodie!)

One of the simplest steps you can take to be more of a true foodie – and shift some weight in the process – is to slow down your eating.

Savour your food and give yourself time to enjoy your food. 

Eating too fast and eating too much is a habit.

And like all habits, habits can be changed.

If you’d like more mindset tips on how you can enjoy your food and still shift the weight, I’d love you to join me in my free Facebook group called Peace With Food.



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