If there was a simple everyday activity you were doing at home — which was potentially setting your daughter up for future weight issues — you’d want to know about it, wouldn’t you?

You need to STOP doing this in front of your daughters

If you’re a mum, I strongly encourage you to throw away your scales.

(Or, if you really,y really, reeeeeeally feel you need to weigh yourself, only weigh yourself when your kids can’t see you).

Why would I toss my scales?

Sure, it sounds harmless, like a small thing but think about it.

When your child sees you on the scales and hears you despairing due to number on the scale what message are you reinforcing?

You’re teaching the idea that the number is mega IMPORTANT.

You’re teaching that she has to look to that number for validation of her loveliness and good enoughness.

And chances are she too will become a slave to that number before she’s even out of her primary school uniform.

Little eyes watch everything

Your daughter is watching everything you do — even if she pretends she isn’t!

We need to teach our children to trust their bodies – to nourish them and listen to them – not be a slave to the number on the scale.

So please, toss the scales.

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