Something I’ve been asked a lot recently is “are you worried about the coronavirus?”

Worried? Nope.

Mindful? Yes.

Here’s why…

Worry pretends to be useful — but it never is.

Worry causes us to stockpile ridiculous amounts of loo roll.

Worry causes us to sleep terribly, so we reach for sugary foods the next day as a pick-me-up.

Worry causes our bodies to flood with stress hormones which leads to comfort eating.

Worry is a trickster.

It tricks us by pretending to be useful. But it isn’t.

I feel you.

There’s so much going on out there that we could worry about—media articles, politicians, the stock market, job losses—that we can’t control.

Worry distracts us from what we can control.

We need to come back to what you can control.


choosing how we show up energetically in our lockdown bubble (remember, the children follow our lead)

choosing to savour chocolate (not eat the whole bar)

it’s a choice.

And it starts with recognising when worry is tricking you.

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