Are you sabotaging your weight loss by competing with your partner?

Here’s what I mean by that.

You see, I’m a fairly competitive person.

I have to really watch myself; otherwise, everything I do turns into a race or a competition — because that feels fun to me.

Weight loss stumbling block

But it has a major downside when it comes to weight loss.

For example,  when I’m serving up dinner, my competitive side, wants my portions to be as big as my man’s.

Like I win a gold medal if I eat as much as him?!

But, my husband and lockdown partner, is 6 foot something, while I’m 5 foot something.

That’s a big difference!

I get it. We women have been fighting for equal rights for years — but our dinner plates, our serving sizes, is one area that doesn’t serve us to compete.

Being your happy shape and size is all about COLLABORATING with your own body NOT about competing with your partner.

Please start collaborating with your body — and listen to her needs — rather than competing with your partner (or your teenage boys!)

So, lovely, collaboration with your body, not a competition with other people.

If you’d like help to get into a more collaborative relationship with your body, I encourage you to come on over to my Facebook group – Peace With Food.



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