Are you snacking and nibbling more than you usually would as a way of dealing with the lockdown cabin fever?

I hear you.

Many women have shared how boredom eating has become their way of dealing with the monotony of quarantine fatigue.

‘Automatic pilot’

Often we boredom eat on ‘automatic pilot’ because it’s an old habit that’s been magnified by the uncertainty of lockdown.

The problem is we’re elbow deep in a packet of crisps or a bar of chocolate before we even realise what we’re doing.

Breaking the food trance

There are plenty of things to do to break the boredom – that we could do – that doesn’t involve opening the fridge or biscuit tin.

But at that moment, we forget there are other options.

So today, what I encourage you to do is pop a post-it on your fridge or your desk drawer or the biscuit tin.

This note needs to read:

“Are you really hungry? Or are you bored?”

What this note does is give you the space to be able to see the possibility of doing something else.

It breaks that trance we can fall into when we’re stuck in old unhelpful habits.

Seeing the post-it on the pantry door can be enough to remind us to do something else.

You’re bored.

You’re NOT hungry.

So please, know that you can stop eating when you’re bored.

Prepare for your afternoon zoom meeting, weed the garden, or call your mum.

Eating because you’re bored is a habit.

And like any habit, you can change it.

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