Are you telling yourself ” blimey my jeans are tight, “I’ll start watching my weight after lockdown!”?

You’re in good company! Lots of women are.

The problem with promises of “I’ll eat better at some future date” is that those dates are completely meaningless.

If we’re honest, surgically honest with ourselves, what we’re saying is:

Right now, I won’t commit to myself.

And we know that future date n.e.v.e.r. e.v.e.r arrives.

Because when lockdown finally lifts, we’ll move the goalposts and delay our start date again and again and again

And here’s the real kicker…

In the meantime, we use the “I’ll start being healthier when lockdown’s over” to justify mindlessly eating rubbish today.

We know what that means:

We lose our confidence.

And our jeans get even tighter.

Because we’ve fallen for our own lie.

So what can you do instead, gorgeous?

Always start now.

In this breath.

In this moment.


Being your happy shape and size is all about nourishing your body now.

Not at some future made-up-date that’ll never arrive.

Stop tricking yourself, stop delaying, and start making more nourishing choices today.

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