How often do you lament “I’m far too busy with the kids, or work, or changing the world, I don’t have time to get to the gym!!!!”

It’s ok; I have some juicy justifications of my own that I role out from time to time!!!

We all know telling ourselves why we couldn’t do the thing we said we’d do — prevents us from shifting the weight.

We know that.

We’ve all seen the bumper sticker — you can have results, or you can have excuses.

The deeper tragedy

Having worked with hundreds of women, I’ve discovered when we let ourselves off the hook with justifications, rationalisations and excuses— there’s a much deeper tragedy playing out here.

You know the pain of betrayal you feel when someone you love lies to you? Horrible, isn’t it.

We lose trust in them. It’s human nature.

When we justify, rationalise, and come up with BS excuses as to why we did or didn’t do a thing, guess what happens?

We do it to ourselves…

We quietly break our own heart, and we stop trusting our own word.

And we damage that fragile connection. We’re betraying ourselves.

If you really must make stuff up, channel it into fanciful bedtime stories for your kids!!!

But stop bs-ing yourself.

Because your relationship, your connection – with yourself – is far too precious.

How to re-build trust again

And you can start re-building that fragile connection with yourself by being honest — surgically honest— with yourself.

Instead of blaming something or someone else for why you didn’t go for a walk, be honest enough to recognise you chose not to go.

Because it IS a choice.

Justification, rationalisation and BS excuses are a habit, and habits can be changed.

If you’d like help to re-build your relationship with yourself – so you trust yourself to do what you said you’d do – Lighten Up might be for you.



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