I read something on my Facebook feed this weekend that really made my hackles to go up. Mostly, I let the

COVID information on social media go through to the keeper because #fakenews.

There’s SO MUCH contradictory information which can lead to feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed.

The post that made my hackles go up.

Just to be clear, this post wasn’t from a COVID conspiracy theorist. It was from an official health source. It had all the logos.

What did it say?

“You cannot boost your immune system through diet.”


Think about that for a minute.

What kind of disempowering, fear-inducing message is that?

Having helped hundreds of women to lose weight, here’s what I know to be true.

Someone who lives on McDonald’s has a vastly different immune system compared to someone who nourishes their body with nutrient-dense fruit and vegetables.

Here’s what it comes down to.

Our beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies.

If you believe,” I can’t boost my immune system with the foods I eat” then that will directly influence what you put in your mouth.

You’re far more likely to make low quality food choices.

I strongly suggest you replace that disempowering belief with something more encouraging, supportive and immune-boosting.

Grandaddy of medicine

Like what Hippocrates, the granddaddy of medicine, encouraged us to believe.

“Food is thy medicine”

Because it is.

When we believe that, we’re far more likely to make nourishing food choices which boost our immune system.

Have a beautiful day, wash your hands and boost your immune system with nourishing foods x

PS: If you’d like more helpful and encouraging mindset tips so you can make peace with food, why not come on over to Peace With Food.



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