I’ve had a couple of readers ask me this recently.

It’s a logical question.

Confusion among the dietitians

One minute we’re being told – if you want to lose weight, you gotta go keto.

But on the next page of the magazine, a different expert says “being vegan is the only way to go.”

Is it any wonder we’re confused?!!!!!!

I’m going to share my food philosophy – it’s super simple.

I think you’ll love it.

But first, I want to ask a question of you.

Here’s a more relevant question for long term weight loss

It’s a question I believe is even more important than the ‘what should I eat’ question when it comes to weight loss.

And that question is….

…“what’s eating you?”

As in, what’s going on in you

  • that’s causing the night-time cravings for sugar?
  • that means you regularly demolish a family-sized bag of chips? (without the family!!!)
  • that’s making you snack and nibble throughout the day even when you’re not hungry?

Answer THAT question.

That’s where the real gold is.

Not what you’re eating.

But what’s eating you.

Until you get to the bottom of that question, weight loss will always be elusive.

Because I know plenty of vegans who’re carrying extra weight because sure they’re vegan but they’re living on chocolate and chips.

Does that make sense?

My food philosophy

Now I said I’d share my food philosophy.

It’s pretty simple.

1.  Eat small portions of food you enjoy. Enjoyment is key. Enjoy your food. No guilt, no shame, no beating yourself up. Enjoy your food.

And remember the most important question

2.  “What’s eating me?”

The clearer you get on that answer, the more you‘ll feel indifferent to junk food, intuitively select foods that are right for your body — and you’ll shift the excess weight.

I hope you found that helpful!

If you’d like help around exploring what’s eating you, get in touch – I’m here to help.

Have a lovely week x

PS: If you’d like more helpful and encouraging mindset tips that you can apply at home, why not come on over to Peace With Food.




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