If you feel like you “blew it” with Halloween treats, this video is for you.

I’ll admit I got pretty excited about the chocolate treats while at a party on Saturday.

And boy oh boy did I pay for it on Sunday! I woke up with a massive sugar hangover. Haha.

Was this you too?

Spiral from Halloween to the New Year….

I’m going to be honest. The old perfectionist me would’ve felt super guilty about eating the chocolate which would’ve spiralled into a guilt-ridden junk-food binge that would’ve lasted until January’s NY’s resolutions.

My perfectionist voice would’ve said: “Well you already ‘blew it’ so you might as well keep blowing it for the rest of the week, end of the month, until the new year.

You too?!!

Guilt begets guilt….

Can you see how insidious that is?

We feel guilty from eating Halloween chocolate, which leads to EVEN MORE guilt eating.

It’s a very slippery and depressing slope.

Here’s what to do instead…

Recognise your ‘perfectionist thinking’.

Stop believing the lie that your mind is trolling you with.

The fib that: “eating Halloween chocolate is the end of the world”.

So, you had some chocolate. (Maybe quite a lot of chocolate)

…..big whoop!

You haven’t blown anything. (That’s the old diet mentality kicking in).

No food is off-limits

The way I live is that no foods are off-limits.

Enjoy the delicious chocolate, and enjoy the Halloween fun – that’s a beautiful part of life.

And now that Halloween is over for another year, I encourage you to get back to eating the foods that nourish your body.


Stop being so dramatic!!!

It’s not the chocolate at Halloween that prevents weight loss.

It’s the choices you make the next day and the next and the next that makes the difference.

So please, call yourself out on your perfectionist thinking and get back to nourishing your body again today.

I hope you found that helpful and I look forward to seeing you next week with another making peace with food tip.

Love etc, Avril x

PS: Helping women take back their power from that perfectionist voice is one of my superpowers. If you’d like help eliminating that trolling voice in your head so you can feel more in control around food, drop me an email.



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