A six-week, online weight loss programme designed specifically for women. It harnesses the power of virtual gastric band hypnosis.

Enough's enough! I am ready to reset my eating habits.

You've probably tried all the diets.

Maybe you were told from a young age to "eat it all up".

Perhaps you snack, nibble and graze during the day—even when you're not hungry.

Or, do you eat healthily during the day, but ruin your good intentions with destructive night-time bingeing?

Maybe you eat nutritious, high-quality organic food, but your portions are Olympic-sized?

Or, do you eat according to your mood: happy or sad, celebrating or commiserating, chilled out or overwhelmed?

Perhaps you crave, and once you start, you just can't stop?

What if you could 'reset' your eating habits with the help of the virtual gastric band?

Imagine if you arrived home tonight, and discovered the bath overflowing with water. What would you do first? Clean up the mess or turn off the tap?

It's a no-brainer, right? You'd turn off the tap.

The virtual gastric band is the mental equivalent of turning off the tap.

When you focus on food and exercise alone, you’re cleaning up the mess. But the tap’s still on.

The missing piece in the weight loss puzzle.

The fitness industry conditions us to believe that all we have to lose weight is eat less and exercise more.

However, there's more to the puzzle. Because if you could lose weight with dieting, exercise and willpower alone—wouldn't you have done so by now?

Clearly, food and exercise do play a part in you becoming your happy shape and size.

But until your mind is in the right place, you'll self-sabotage and ruin every effort, every time.

You see, we all know consciously what we need to do, but it's the unconscious mind that's running the show.

The virtual gastric band 'resets' how you think about food.

It's a weight loss programme like no other. It works on your mind.

It works by helping you change the way you think about food. Many clients describe it as a "reset button".

A recent Lighten Up client shared,

"Well! My first ever 'slim' summer is shaping up to be the best yet, wearing singlets and shorts with confidence and pride. All thanks to you, Avril, and your wonderful healthy-lifestyle teaching. Never too late - even at 68!"

Is that something you'd like for yourself in 2019... and beyond?

It's not a diet.
It’s a sustainable and pleasurable lifestyle change.

The virtual gastric band is a remarkable weight loss programme pioneered in the UK by Sheila Granger.

It guides you to listen to your miraculous body, so you can make choices that are right for her. With confidence, with ease, with joy.

It can put you back in control of your own body by helping you respond easily and naturally to what she's telling you.

When we reconnect with our wise bodies and re-establish trust in ourselves, we realise our 'weight problem' really has very little to do with food.

Is this programme...

  • Another fad diet?
  • Does it involve meal replacements, special foods or counting of points?
  • Does it require any physical surgery or extreme exercise?


"It's been huge - unbelievably so. It has stopped the sugar and salt cravings, the eating of food for the sake of it. It's not like before when it was an effort not to eat that chocolate- I just don't want it. I wouldn't believe it if someone told me. My confidence is up and my ability to deal with things that previously would have resulted in consuming the chocolate. Yet it's basically just doing what we all know is right - eat healthy foods, watch the quantity, exercise more, drink water, but this gave me the ability to do what I always knew."


Who is Lighten Up a good fit for?

  • You're worn out from the mind games you play with yourself around food. 
  • You feel like a fraud because you're a smart woman (you know you are), so "why is my weight still 'a thing'?"
  • You're exhausted from living on high-alert, ready to "run for the hills," every time you hear the terrifying click of the camera.
  • You're sick of feeling out of control with late-night bingeing or sneaky eating in the car. You're over the guilt and the endless beating-yourself-up.
  • You're feeling more and more isolated because you decline social events since "nothing will fit me".
  • You're tapped out from comparing yourself to other women, who seem to participate playfully in life (while you hover on the sidelines of your life—waiting, wishing, hoping).

Maybe your intuition is already telling you that you can’t keep going like this.

Perhaps you're starting to see that this is affecting everything—your work, your relationships, even your children.

Waking up every morning obsessing, over-analysing and worrying about food and "how nothing in my wardrobe fits", isn't the way we were designed to live.

You've got the power to do something different.

Are you ready to Lighten Up?

Hi, I'm Avril

Looking at me now, it’s easy to assume I’ve always had a happy relationship with food and my body.

But, in the most delicate sense of the word, I've been around the block.

Bulimia and extreme exercise was my flavour of misery. It was nothing to run 100km per week to ‘work off the points’ from private, late-night binges.

Like so many women, my fitness regime had a generous dollop of self-loathing. It seemed logical that if I hated my body enough, it’d change shape. It didn’t.

It felt so familiar to feel at war with my body; I had no concept that life could be different.

It wasn’t until I acknowledged what was going on in my head— with hypnotherapy—that my relationship with food and my body changed, forever.

Hello, peace. I discovered how to listen to the wisdom of my body. I stopped fighting her. Now, I can get dressed, go dancing, meet new people, and not feel anxious about food or my body.

That’s a lot of extra energy, time and head-space freed up!

Hypnotherapy showed me the power of my own mind. I’d like to help you do the same.

Are you ready to listen to your body, let go of the reasons you think you have to hate her and create a life you truly crave?

I can show you how.

“That sounds amazing, Avril. But I’ve tried everything…”

I get it.

There’s an entire industry of experts telling you ‘they’ know the answer to your weight challenge. 

Have you noticed how contradictory this information is? 

Should I lift weights or run?

Is gluten-free the answer? Or dairy-free? Maybe high-fat? Perhaps low-carb?

Whaaaaaat?! It gets complicated. 

What's the answer?

I believe we're all different, and 'one-size' does not fit all. How can it?

This programme guides you to listen to your 'own' body.

Not some 'other' body (expert, guru, celebrity) telling you what's appropriate for you.

Your body has inner wisdom.

But you've been conditioned to stop listening to her. Are you ready to re-connect with her wisdom?

This programme is beautifully-crafted specifically for women.

Did you know that only 5 per cent of women naturally possess the 'perfect' body type as portrayed in the media? 

And we tend to be more heavily objectified, scrutinised (and sadly, trivialised) in the media than men. This affects how we feel about ourselves, often on an unacknowledged and unconscious level.

Is it any wonder many women have internalised a sense of body shame?

Many of the women I work with are so used to carrying around the emotional weight of 'not quite good enough', they're delighted when they discover how freeing it feels to live without it! 

Are you ready to go on a journey of self-discovery to uncover the reasons why you’ve been 'using food'—so you can start listening to your wise and miraculous female body instead?

You know you're ready to Lighten Up if...

  • Want a long-term solution.
  • You'd like to end the 'good' food, "bad' food battle and find peace.
  • You're ready to do the 'inner' work so you can lose weight from a place of love.
  • You want to re-connect to yourself: physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • You know the virtual gastric band is behind your friend's newfound energy—you want some of that too!


"VGB has had a huge positive impact, after such a short time, my eating habits changed in such a way that some foods that I loved and would over indulge in, I now don't feel like and don't miss at all. I feel really good and really positive. I feel confident in myself. I have got back that spring in my step, that smile on my face." Raewyn, Auckland


What's included in Lighten Up?

Lighten Up is a six-week online self-study programme.
You can access it anytime, from anywhere, for life.

Access to Private Membership Area

When you sign up for the programme, you’ll be given a username and password to access a secure website, where you can view and download the material.

Starting on Monday 21st January, for six weeks, the material will be released in easily digestible blocks. Once you have accessed the lesson, it's yours to keep.

Downloadable materials include Hypnosis Sessions, Learning Audios, and Checklists.

You'll receive step-by-step guidance on how to replace 'using food', with discovering how to feel comfortably confident around food and pleasantly peaceful in your body.

Hypnosis Sessions

You'll receive 5 virtual gastric band hypnosis sessions (just as if you were working with me face-to-face).

Audio Recordings

As well as the VGB-specific hypnosis sessions, you'll receive thought-provoking weekly audio lessons, to support you in your journey.

Each lesson covers a topic which is critical for learning how to take control of cravings, portion size and binge-eating. You'll be able to access the lessons in the membership area.

Fill-in-the-blank Checklists

Each weekly audio lesson is accompanied by a printable handout which has reflective questions and exercises. These checklists help you to uncover what's been preventing you from shifting this weight in the past and helps you embed the new lessons and habits, as you move forward.

5 BONUS Hypnosis Audios

Goodbye Snacking, Bingeing and Comfort Eating Hypnosis

Byebye Sugar Cravings Hypnosis

Hello Healthy Portion Control Hypnosis

Making Peace With Your Past Hypnosis

Subliminal Weight Loss Affirmations Audio

Lifetime Access to all the material (even after the six weeks end).
Private Community where you can connect and share your journey with others in the programme.


Are you ready to end the fight with food and your body?
Are you ready to lose weight with love?


The voice in my head says “I want to be slim and healthy.”
I am visually aware now of what it looks like to overeat. I’m so thrilled by the amount I’ve learned about myself. I feel much fuller from less, and whenever I have a craving for junk food, I go and drink water instead. I’m not as focused on food, I no longer spend hours planning meals – I’m more spontaneous instead, at home at work, in every area of my life. Much lighter! Feeling very decisive. No snacking no grazing. If I am distracted by office cake or leftovers, this voice in my head interrupts me and says “ I want to be slim and healthy” (more than I want that cake!)

Janine, Auckland

Get started on your Lighten Up journey today

Join now for one payment of NZ$397 and start making peace with food and your body today.

When you enroll, you'll immediately get access to the welcome material so you can get started right away. Then on Monday 21st January, the 6 weeks of lessons officially start. Once you download the material, it's yours to keep forever.

Join now—one-time payment of NZ$397 or 2 payments of NZ$219

** For the 2 Easy Payment option - you'll be charged the first installment immediately. The second payment will be collected next month. After the two payments are made, no further charges will be made.

100% money back guarantee

I feel so confident in this programme, and so committed to helping women like you make peace with food, that I want to give you the chance to try it on for size, risk-free.

If you listen to all of the audios, complete the homework and apply the guidelines and you don’t notice a dramatic shift in your perspective, then I will happily give you a full refund within 30 days of enrolment. No questions. No quibbles. No hard feelings.

Inside Lighten Up you'll discover...

  • How to have a pleasantly peaceful relationship with food: you're proud of your ability to stop at one biscuit, one bowl of ice cream or a handful of chips.
  • How to eat foods that your body loves, that love her back (not what you learned from all those joyless diets).
  • How to go beyond intellectually 'knowing what to do and eat'—to consistently doing it.
  • How to listen to your body's natural signals (even if you've been overeating for years).
  • How prioritise your time and energy to create a day where you're at the top of your own to-do list.
  • How to feel more comfortably confident in your body (and the bedroom, the boardroom, your life!)
  • How to ask for and receive help (instead of martyring yourself and doing it all yourself).
  • Why you'll always struggle (if you don't come from a place of love).
  • How to role model healthy habits for your children or other people you love and care for.
  • How make peace with your past so you can stop self-sabotaging and take consistent action (and enjoy doing so)
  • How to enjoy moving your miraculous body often. You appreciate being active for the sake of it, not just to lose weight.
  • A supportive community of women who are focused on the kind of self-care that makes you glow from within.

If you’re ready to make peace with food, to nourish your mind, body and soul, I invite you to ...

FAQS About the Programme

Q: I don’t have the time

I get it, you're super busy. Many women have this concern initially.

What they discover is the opposite! Think about all the headspace and time you’d have if you weren’t constantly over-analysing, stressing or beating-yourself-up.

The programme is designed so you can integrate the new habits easily into your life (not take over your life). But just as if you were seeing me one-on-one, you will need to set aside a couple of hours per week to actually do the programme.

But remember, you get a lifetime membership so you can keep coming back to the material again and again.

Q: I don’t have the money

So, here's the thing: your health is your wealth.

As someone who used to scrimp, save and scour all the free stuff online, I've learned the exhausting, lonely and painful way that investing in myself pays dividends in terms of happiness, ease and joy.

But, seriously, if this is your rent money, it's probably not the programme for you.

Q: I'm nervous because I have a history of failure

Trust me, I get it. I used every excuse under the sun to distance myself from getting help for years. Why? Because change can feel scary! As crazy as it sounds, sometimes 'staying stuck' is more comfortable than change.

Please know this: women who become their happy shape and size, have failed before. In a recent study of people who lost weight successfully, 91% of them had a history of multiple diet failure. In other words, the overwhelming majority of people who succeed have failed before. Let's focus forwards, on what you want, shall we?

Q: How much weight can I expect to lose?

As confident as I am in the programme, I don't have a magic wand. I can’t promise you specific results, in a specific time. Nobody can! And please don't trust anyone who does.

Here’s why: we're all unique. Some clients notice their clothes feeling looser from the first week. Others take longer. It's not a race or a competition. It's a journey. Your journey. What I can say, is if you follow the simple steps in the programme, you'll notice results.

Q: I need to lose weight fast. Can you help me?

If you’re keen to drop three dress sizes for your daughter's wedding this weekend, this programme isn't for you. Come back when you're able to give yourself time and space to create change.

This programme is based on sustainable and pleasurable habit change. Change that adds up to radical change over time. Fast weight loss is unsustainable, dangerous and unhealthy and the opposite of the lifestyle I encourage.

Q: Is it for everyone?

No, it's not. Specifically, it's not for blokes!

And, if you're a woman wanting to lose 10 kg in 10 days or you're after strict meal plan, this probably isn't the programme for you either.

Or, if you're looking for a 'magic wand' or a miracle outside of yourself, again, this probably isn't the programme for you. Or if you're not open to new perspectives, ideas or ways of looking at the world, there's probably another programme more suited to your needs.

Q: What if I can't fly to Auckland?

This is not a live, in-person presentation. It's delivered entirely online. There's no need to fly to Auckland or take time away from your family or work. You're able to go through the material from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

And, a significant advantage you have over women who see me face-to-face is that you can replay the sessions as often as you desire.

Q: Do I get access to the entire programme at once?

No, and that's intentional. This programme is designed in a specific way to maximise your chances of success. You'll be guided through the process with a step-by-step easy to follow approach. You'll get new sessions each week for six weeks

Life is short.

But it’s also too darn long to live in a body you've been conditioned not to love.
Being your happy shape and size is YOUR birthright.
Are you ready to finally end the fight with food (and your body) and step into the life you know you deserve?

Copyright 2019 - Avril Carpenter - All Rights Reserved