FREE CHECKLIST: Weight Management: What You Need To Know (But Were Afraid To Ask)

You’re smart enough to recognise that if you could untangle your weight challenge alone, you’d have done so by now.

My programme is for you if you’re looking to improve your health through managing your weight.

Maybe you’re already struggling with weight management-related health issues or, you know that if you don’t change, you soon will be.

My weight management programme uses the power of hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to convince your unconscious mind to work with you on managing your weight.

Clients say things like:

– I used to obsess about food but I don’t even think about food now unless I’m hungry

– I’m enjoying healthier foods

– The ‘new me’ eats to live, the ‘old me’ lived to eat

Since the changes occur in your unconscious mind, the procedure supports you to change your relationship with food.

Generally, clients report eating less, making healthier food choices, and feeling more motivated to move their body.

What does the programme look like?

The programme consists of five hypnotherapy sessions.

The foundation is hypnotically set in the first session, and the four remaining sessions are usually within a four to six-week period.

During this time you’ll be positively encouraged to follow some simple eating and exercise guidelines and you’ll receive two personalised audios to assist you in your journey to the healthier and fitter you.

Just so we’re clear, the programme is a lifestyle change. It’s not a diet. We all know that diets work — but only in the short term. And they’re joyless and depriving. Arrgh!

Instead, this is a natural, organic process where your unconscious mind naturally starts to make healthier choices.

Best of all, the programme opens you up to loving and accepting your body. Women are heavily objectified, scrutinised and trivialised in the media—much more so than men. As a result, many of us have internalised a sense of body shame or a feeling of ‘not quite measuring up’. This programme guides you to love, accept and nourish your wise and miraculous body.

So, if you’ve got weight-related health concerns or if you’ve tried every diet under the sun and gained all the weight back, then this programme might be exactly what you’ve been looking for to help you take back control and manage your weight.

Here’s to you re-establishing a peaceful relationship with food, and being  confidently in control of your eating habits.

Love etc,


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