80% of Overweight Women Struggle With This….Do You?

After helping hundreds of women lose weight, I’ve developed a 6th sense for predicting those who’ll shift the weight easily, while others ….not so much.

Sure, it’s not 100%, but it’s darn close.

Would you like to know what this seemingly ‘magic’ ingredient is?

Is it luck? Good genetics? Having bags of time, or pots of money? Nope.

It’s actually much simpler than you’d imagine. It boils down to one deceptively simple notion:

Thou Shalt Own It.

Yup – owning it.

‘Owning it’ is the fundamental difference between those who achieve their happy weight easily, and those who, well ….dibble dabble around the edges of their goal.

Owners vs Dabblers

Think about your group of friends. Chances are, you’re friends with someone who’s been super-duper successful at shifting the weight.

She’s busy – perhaps she works full time, has children, and is involved with all the commitments that busy women have. All this going on, and yet she’s ‘made it happen’.

And, I’m guessing, you also know her opposite. This friend is equally busy, smart and capable, but somehow she just never quite, well, seems to be able to ‘get it together’. She b*tches and moans – with breathtakingly fluency – about why she isn’t her happy weight yet.

“I’m working suuuuch long hours,” or “I’m too busy organising the kids / my husband / dealing with my hangover to go for a walk”. Or, “It’s raining / dark / too hot / too cold / too sunny.”

Ms Dabbler

You’ll notice how your dabbler friend is married to her excuses. Addicted to them. She has an excuse for every situation. Hang around her for more than 20 minutes and you want to shake her! Sure, she’s smart and well-intentioned….

……..but a total non-action taker. She points the finger, passes the buck, gives away her power and takes zip responsibility for her own actions.

Ms Owning It

While ‘Miss Owning It’, has divorced her excuses. She is radically responsible for her own weight loss.

After setting her weight goal, she realised that she could either have her excuses OR her goal weight. NOT both.

She takes responsibility for her body. Responsibility for her actions, her outcome.

Sure, Ms ‘Owning It’ has challenges like everyone else – she too gets hangovers, and it rains at her address also – but she’s creative and finds a way to take the next small step towards her goal.

Instead of making excuses, she takes action, solves problems and makes things happen. She has such a high level of ownership of herself, that she gets the results she wants. She knows, that ultimately, the buck starts and ends with her.

Now, here’s where it’s gets interesting…

Nature or nurture?

Owning It’ is not a pre-determined trait. It’s not inherited. The good news is that in any given moment, you get to choose which kind of person you want to be.

You can choose to be the kind of person who b*tches, moans and blames others, as to why you’re not where you want to be on the scale (or elsewhere in your life)….OR ,you can choose to take responsibility, and own it, gently, powerfully taking back control.

Steps to Owning It

Ask yourself, where in my life am I currently abdicating responsibility by making excuses? In what ways? With whom?

What am I tolerating that keeps me stuck? In what way do I create drama so that I stay stuck in a spin cycle instead of moving closer to my goal?

In what ways do I ‘get in my own way’? How am I being a “drama queen”, or perfectionist? What emotional “stuff” from my past am I carrying?

In what ways do I blame other people for my challenges? How do I ‘finger point’? Do I pass the buck and give away my power? To my parents? The weather? My partner? My boss? My children? Society at large?

It’s about constantly checking in with yourself and asking yourself this beautiful question – “How can I be more responsible right now?”

Ask this Qn of yourself several times a day. Because, as you become more aware of how you play the ‘excuses’ card, you become instantly empowered to choose something different. You realise more and more that YOU are in control.

Yes…it really is that simple. No magic. Just small, permanent steps to change. So what will you choose? Because the choice IS yours.

Love etc, Avril

PS: I get that we’re all busy women, that we have a lot of stuff already going on. But if you’re aware that you’re using the same old excuses and you’re ready to see a shift in the number on the scale, hypnotherapy might just be the ticket for you. C’mon over….I’m here to help YOU get the result you want.

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