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Enough of going “harder” or “longer”. You need to go deeper.

I see you — you’re kind, you’re high-achieving.

And you’re sick of wondering, “If I’m so smart, why is my weight still a thing?”

I get it.

You want peace with food, to feel comfortable in your body and live the joyful life you truly crave. You dream of being your happy shape and size but without starving, struggling or shaming weigh-ins.

And you’re also smart enough to recognise if you could achieve the results you want by yourself, you’d have ticked it off your to-do list already!

The results you desire? That peace, that freedom, that joy?

It’s available to you. No matter how many years you’ve struggled with your weight.

But going harder or longer on another diet. Or creating a glorious vision board or repeating positive affirmations, are not the answer.

It’s time to go deeper.

For permanent weight loss, you need to get your MINDSET in the right place.

Otherwise, you’ll sabotage every effort every time. 

If you’d like to be able to have control and confidence around food, I’m here to help you.

In 2021 you can choose from VIP 1:1 support, or my group coaching program for women.



Life is short.  But it’s too darn long to live in a body you’ve been taught not to love.

The VIP package is for you if:

  • you were told from a young age to “eat it all up” — and now it feels impossible to leave food on your plate
  • you know you self-sabotage, but you’re not sure why
  • you crave chips, chocolate or sweets, and once you start, you can’t stop (hello, vicious shame spiral)
  • you understand your unconscious mind is a powerful force – and you’re keen to discover how to harness it to end emotional eating.

Specifically, the VIP package includes 4 x 1:1 hypnotherapy sessions via zoom where we’ll reset your eating habits at the unconscious level, break the pattern of emotional eating and give you tools to eliminate self-sabotage.

It is a step-by-step program that addresses the emotional, mindset and energetic issues impacting your ability to lose weight. It’s a natural, organic process where your unconscious mind naturally starts to make healthier choices.

It is not a diet. It’s a powerful lifestyle change, where you still get to enjoy your favourite foods, but you’re in control.

Happily, this deep inner work reactivates the peaceful relationship with food you were born with, so you never have to think about your weight again.


AU$1,997 or 4 x weekly payments of AU$527


LIGHTEN UP PROGRAM (opens several times per year)

Lighten Up is a six-week online weight loss program. It includes 5 x hypnotherapy sessions, self-study modules, group-based support and mentoring from me.

It harnesses the power of virtual gastric band hypnosis which helps you lose excess weight because your mind is convinced that your stomach is satisfied with smaller portions of food.

Instead of focusing on diet and exercise, Lighten Up heals at the unconscious level, meaning…

-you’re able to break the pattern of emotional eating

-you can stop eating when you’re satisfied and forget about food for hours afterwards

-you’ll release the unconscious stumbling blocks that’ve prevented you from being your happy shape and size

-you’re happier with smaller portions of food

All without…counting calories, living at the gym or giving up your favourite foods.

Best of all, Lighten Up opens you up to loving and accepting your body. Women are heavily objectified, scrutinised and trivialised in the media which means many of us have internalised a sense of body shame or a feeling of ‘not quite measuring up’. This program guides you to love, accept and nourish your wise and miraculous body.

By reactivating a peaceful relationship with food you’re free of the old sabotaging patterns –and armed with the inspiration, motivation and confidence to step into your healthy future, so you can live the life you truly crave.

This is not a diet —it’s about you taking control.


AU$497 or 2 x monthly payments of AU$267

Not quite ready for Lighten Up? 

Love etc,


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