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These testimonials have been given without prompting. I don’t like to ask clients for them as I like to think that I’m here for them, not the other way around!

But if, while you read any of these, you get the feeling that you’d like to see me so that you can create similar changes in your own life, then please drop me a line.  I’d be delighted to talk more with you about the VGB and how we can work together.

KNEW what to do…. just could not make myself DO it
A combination of post natal depression and insomnia had me scoffing food, using food as a reward for making it through the day, and, since we are a social family, everything is centred on food. I was drinking upwards of six or seven coffees to get me through the day.  I knew what to do, but I just could not make myself do it. Now though, I am sleeping well, not craving coffee at all, I have de-cluttered the entire house, and I rather excitingly I am fitting clothes from the back of the wardrobe. Aside from feeling much healthier I feel more focused and clear about day to day issues. Not only is the weight coming off, I’m feeling happy about being in my own body again.
Ruth, Auckland


Skeptical about hypnosis
As I sit here now I am embarrassed to admit that initially I was skeptical about weight loss hypnosis. As an analytically-minded lawyer, every day I work with facts and evidence. Now 12 weeks since I completed the programme I can see now so too does the VGB! I enjoyed how very personalised the programme was – so much so that it often felt like you had a webcam in my head! And talking of heads, the voice in my head has altered. It’s calm and kind. I have changed not just the way I view food and the way I treat my body but broader areas of my life (children, husband, caseload). Thank you for resourcing me (and by default my family) with the mindset I needed, when I needed it.
Christine, Auckland

Fitted in the plane seat!
I wanted to drop you a post card to update you of progress. As you can see I’m in the US and I was able to fit in the plane seats easily. Even after 14 weeks I can still feel the band working – I know it’s only in my mind, but I can still feel it! I’m enjoying being more conscious of slowing down and taking each moment as it unfolds. I overate several days ago and I felt ill even though I had eaten less than I would usually have eaten. I suppose that was my tummy telling me “I’m full”. No food cravings whatsoever but craving water. I’m leaving food on the plate and eating smaller portions.
Maria, Auckland

Gone from “once I start, I just can’t stop” to peace around food. BLISS!
Eve, Auckland

Cake-obsessed road-raging multi-tasker now “CAGE-FREE.”
My reflux has vanished since the first session. I’m waking up refreshed. I feel happy focused and clear. The best way to describe it is that I feel “cage-free”. The old me feels like a distance memory. That cake-obsessed road-raging multi-tasker who thought of food 24/7, she’s gone. Now I’m putting myself first, taking the time to listen to my body. And it feels amazing!
Judie, Auckland

Brainwashed by years of dieting to hate my body
With years and years of dieting, I was brainwashed about food. I hated my body shape since I was a teen. I thought of foods as either “good” or “bad”. I knew the calorie count of every food item on the shop shelf, but I hadn’t a clue about how to tune into my body. Until now. Until the VGB. Today I’m enjoying all food (no “good” nor “bad” foods). I eat what I want, when I want –  no drama or guilt or punishment. I can hear what my body requires, and I am treating her with love. I’ve been un-brainwashed by hypnosis!
Alison, Auckland

In a rough place emotionally
I had gastric surgery about ten years ago. It worked well, and I did lose 23kgs. However due to some stressful life events and comfort eating I had recovered a lot of the initial weight. In a rough place emotionally when I enquired about the virtual version of the real surgery. The Virtual GB has given me the mental and emotional tools to feel in control, and my habits are much healthier now. I feel like I have made an emotional and psychological changes as well as physical changes. Thank you for helping me regain the “real” me (and enable me to fit jeans I haven’t been able to wear for years!) and give me a permanent peace of mind around food.
Kristine, Auckland

VGB experience has been one of the best and most rewarding of my life
I wanted to send you a quick update on my progress with the virtual gastric band. Daily, I feel so grateful to you for guiding me down this new path. I am slowly losing weight, this has never been a fast process for me, but I now understand that steadily is the best. My headspace is great, and even though I have had another very busy social weekend, I managed to keep on a steady path. My clothes are looser, and I feel fitter as am now exercising regularly, and enjoying it as well. The best of all is the peace I have gained. At times, there have been little hiccups, but on the whole, I am coping so much better, as I let those hiccups go and get quickly back to my normal path. I often think of all those other new people who are managing to find their way through your door and am so grateful that you are there to help guide them, as you have me with the virtual gastric band. I feel so much better and comfortable with myself and am enjoying the changes. Off to my exercise class this morning!!!!  This experience has been one of the best and most rewarding of my life. With love and thanks.
Julie, Auckland

No wagon to fall off
I love that is there is no “wagon to fall off”, nothing to fail at and no points to count or special food. It is a whole new way of looking at life. I love the gentleness of it and the focus on care and self-love.  I have let go my history of body-hatred and deprivation and I am enjoying my new outlook of forgiveness and being a work in progress. A return to my own body! Thank you!
Andrea, Auckland

On a roll
I am on a roll! Cleared out my drawers thrown out a whole heap of clothes, the pantry and fridge, next the cupboard under the bathroom sink. Which feels great. Looking at things, thinking, do I even like that??? Which is funny as in the past I’d probably just accept that that’s what I have and so be it, but everything is coming under scrutiny.
Wonda, Auckland

Life just seems easier
I am really happy with the progress I have made though, I’ve lost almost 12kgs already and many centimetres. Clothes actually feel comfortable and life just seems easier altogether. I just wanted to say a super big thank you to you. My aim is to lose about 20 more kgs and to feel more comfortable in my clothes. There are moments when that makes me a bit nervous but I know I am doing it. I am eating so much less than I was in the past. Thanks so much again. I appreciate all that you’ve done for me.
Anna, Auckland

Excited, positive and embracing change
I was hungry when I left and was going to get some sushi for lunch but ended up having an egg when I got home, had half a sausage and small salad on a bread and butter plate for dinner and feel very full. I am feeling really good about this, excited, positive and embracing change. Thank you. Update: Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much.  I can’t thank you enough for the tools, support and changes you’ve helped me with. I am so blessed to have found you. Thank you.
Simone, Auckland

My shape is changing
I am doing well, slowly but surely my shape is changing and I am more confident around my food choices and portions.  Unfortunately my physical pain has meant the exercise is as and when I can do something (even water walking can be challenging) but I do what I can and am happy with that for now 🙂  Just wanted to touch base and say thank you again.
Sharon, Auckland

40 years of coffee addiction gone in one session
As a health practitioner I knew about hypnosis, but I’d never tried it. I think I thought I should be able to “do it” by myself. It was only when I caught up with a friend who’d worked with you that I realised I needed outside help. Approaching retirement I was worried about my health, losing my freedom, being homebound – all sorts of negativity. My friend had lost about 20kg and was looking healthy, but better than that, was her smile and inner confidence – that was what I wanted. And I’ve got it. My head is clearer now. It’s like something’s ‘just clicked’ in my brain and i feel calmer, no cravings for carbs, and cut in half what I used to eat. I still enjoy a coffee per day, and I really enjoy it, but that’s it. That’s 40 years of coffee addiction gone in one session!I just don’t feel hungry. I feel content and optimistic.
Tania, Auckland

Bank account is loving it!
After the first session, I had a headache for the afternoon. Now (this is two weeks later) I am eating much smaller serves of food, drinking less alcohol, haha! I feel as ‘full as a bull’ even though I am eating significantly smaller portions.  I’m not missing food at all. If I want something, I have it. My bank account is loving it – as I get smaller, my bank account is getting bigger!
Jody, Auckland

People are saying how good i am looking
Hi Avril, hope your days have been good for you. My life is so amazing now I have stopped drinking, smoking and concentrating on nourishing my body now. I walk for an hour a day Monday to Friday. I feel fantastic and have new interests to fill my days, my family and some hobbies. People are saying how good I am looking and that makes me want to keep going in the direction I am heading. I have lost 12 kgs comfortably and want to lose another 10. I know it will happen in my time. Thank you.
Rebecca, Auckland

Put on a stone with every child.
My childhood was traumatic by anybody’s standards. With a family history of alcoholism and money troubles, I learned to eat for comfort as a youngster. I’d gotten heavier and heavier from dieting, and put on a stone with every child. What an 180-degree shift! Now I’m craving fresh, unprocessed food, and eating sparrow-sized portions, and I feel replete. Already I’m noticing how I can climb stairs (without wheezing), I”m sleeping better and I feel sooooooooo much better than I did before. Today, a month since the first session, I”m wearing a pair of trousers that I haven’t fitted for over two years! In control and mindful and much more engaged in life now. The whole process has been a blessing.
Sonia, Auckland

Kept it quiet from hubby!
I was so worried before the first session, so much so that I kept it quiet from my hubby!! He loves me the way I am – I did this for me (not him!) But I have a stressful job, a bullying-type culture at work and I have some ups and downs in my past with men. I was constantly on the verge of panic attacks and prescription medications were no longer working. My biggest fear was passing my eating and anxiety habits onto my children At the end of my tether my friend recommended I see you, and I’m so pleased I did! I now feel much calmer about life with all the tools you’ve taught me. I’ve broken the binge/guilt cycle, and I’m a calmer, healthier role model for my girls. Now that I’ve “released three dress sizes to the universe” – almost 12kgs – even my hubby has noticed!
Mia, Auckland

I can fit my wedding ring again | Healthy role model for my grandkids
As a diabetic I know I need to be careful of my sugar intake but in the past I’ve found it impossible to give up. Sounds crazy but I am now eating one tenth of the amount I was eating before. The tastes are more intense than ever, and I am off all soft drink. I haven’t eaten a sugary treat since the first session and I don’t even think about wanting one. It’s so easy. I did eat a small amount of chocolate and spat it out on the pavement!!! It tasted disgusting, like my body was repelled by it. My dog has loved this programme as she is getting all the food I used to eat, haha. In the past I used to greet my grandkids with lollies and they’d go into a hyperactive frenzy but now I’m sharing creative treats like books or crayons. I love that I include them in positive ways. After only two weeks I was tossing out my knickers because they were falling off me, my friends are noticing how they can see my eyes and my husband is loving my cheek bones!! My husband who I thought would say “here we go again, another diet” has lost 4kg himself – just by following my lead and he hasn’t even been hypnotised! Our grocery bill is down by two-thirds, and our freezer is full of leftovers so cooking is easy. Thank you giving me the ‘real me’ back.  I’m feeling delicate, feminine and pretty again! Thank you so very much.  I can’t thank you enough for the tools, support and the experience. I am so blessed to have found you.
Susan, Auckland

No more “war zone” in my head.
To be able to go into a cafe and order a healthy choice and it not even cross my mind to be tempted by the ‘junky’ foods is incredible. I used to worry about my next mouthful from the moment I opened my eyes in the morning. I’d obsess about food all day, every day. Everything was always about food. I’m blown away at how motivated i am just to do (not think) just do. There’s no more war zone inner dialogue in my head – just peace, just freedom, just heaven! It amazes me how much I used to live my day to day in a high state of anxiety. I have a very much decreased desire to drink alcohol. I’m shocked, delighted, relieved!
Jane, Auckland

Life is less murky
I have accomplished so many big and little things since our sessions. Life is a lot less murky now and I am embracing my new found confidence.
Roxy, Auckland

Dropped the scales | feel sick when I overeat now
The biggest shift for me has been no longer having an obsession with the scales. As you know I used to weigh in very day – sometimes even more – it’s a massive relief to no longer use the number on the scales as a way of judging my self-worth. I used to nibble lollies in the car on my commute and raid the cupboards when I got home, but now I just don’t have this hankering to finish everything on my plate. When I do overeat I feel sick, and as I listen to the audio, I can hear my tummy gurgling, and there’s a stitch feeling! It’s weird but awesome!
Polly, Auckland

The voice in my head says “I want to be slim and healthy.”
I am visually aware now of what it looks like to overeat. I’m so thrilled by the amount I’ve learned about myself. I feel much fuller from less, and whenever I have a craving for junk food, I go and drink water instead. I’m not as focused on food, I no longer spend hours planning meals – I’m more spontaneous instead, at home at work, in every area of my life. Much lighter! Feeling very decisive. No snacking no grazing. If I am distracted by office cake or leftovers, this voice in my head interrupts me and says “ I want to be slim and healthy” (more than I want that cake!)
Janine, Auckland

Size 12 jeans!
I’m forwarding on you a picture of me in my size 12 jeans!!!  Very exciting 🙂 I’m feeling so great… healthier and more comfortable and just awesome!
Mary, Auckland

5cm off my waist
It’s been four weeks since I started the VGB programme and I’m so happy. I’d done everything to shift the weight including hiring a PT. All that happened was I put on, even more, weight, and my blood pressure went higher. In four weeks I have lost 5cm off my waist, and I love that because it doesn’t feel like a diet. I used to be addicted to a capital A to diet soft drink but not a single fizzy has touched my lips. I am saving so much money because I’m not buying as half the junk food I used to. In fact, I have two chocolate bars from before the first session that I haven’t even touched, just don’t fancy them. They’ve lost their hold over me.
Tanya, Auckland

Because I’d failed in every diet, I was nervous
I arrived your office a bundle of nerves and at my wits end.With a history of mental and emotional abuse, deception, and a very low level of joy in my life, I beat myself up daily for “not good enough”. My boyfriend had been unfaithful, and I thought it was because of my weight. I was hibernating at home and taking on sadness and avoided all social situations.  Since the first session – wow what a journey! I feel relaxed, at peace and best of all I’m starting to know what it feels like to love myself which is important because I have three daughters, and they need me to be that positive mother while being true to who I am. Since I first session I’ve had a series fo light bulbs moments – I’m much more gentle and patient.
Catherine, Auckland

Reflux went in one session
I used to be the biggest excuse queen ever! In the first week lost 3.5kgs. I’m having fun shopping for healthy food, No more eating when I’m bored. I’ve got other tools now. Exercise has gone from a ‘nice to have’ to ‘heck, why wouldn’t i? The reflux I mentioned went after the first session too.
Andrea, Auckland

Off sleeping pills for the first time in 8 years!
I used to eat when I was miserable or worried about what others thought of me. Which was often! I’d always been concerned about what other people thought of me and keeping people happy. Now I know the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger. What temps me now is a healthy gorgeous, happy body – not sugar. I feel in control, rolling with the flow. And drinking a lot of water, love how much water I’m drinking. I have zero desire for sugar. Energised happy as positive. Sleeping properly though the night – off sleeping pills for the first time in 8 years!
Bobbie, Auckland

Weight loss after Mirena
I went to my appointment with my surgeon and he was impressed that I had shifted 4kgs.  With Mirena he said to me that a high percentage of his patients will gain weight so was really impressed that I hadn’t – and had done the opposite!
Nancy, Auckland

No fizzy, no sugar, no cravings | my pants are falling off me!
There’s been a trumpet – my favourite brand too – in the fridge for weeks, and it’s still there. Every time I see it, I think “oh, yeah, maybe later”, but I really don’t fancy it. I’m hardly even thinking about food. It blows my mind how clear and present I feel in every aspect of my life. Food is tasting awesome, and I’m recognising I’m not really hungry so “go do something else”.  I used to 2l coke per day to none!. Walking every day, and even eating my veges – my husband nearly died when he saw me do that as used to hate them!!! Pants are falling off me!
Clare, Auckland

Cheesecake + cookie dough
As the designated family baker I have piled on the weight. Since the VGB though no more scraping the bowl when I bake – I don’t even see cookie dough as food any more!! I had a little bit of cheesecake for my son’s birthday and I didn’t want a second slice. It’s like a switch has gone off in my head.
Karen, Auckland

Self-medicating with food
Like many people I work very long hours and I frequently tell myself well done with food, or eat when I’m annoyed or stressed, which is a lot of the time! I’m basically self-medicating with food to quieten the critical voice in my head. Now I am sleeping like a log at night. I can’t recall when I slept so well. I feel very peaceful; I’m really being much gentler with myself. I feel lighter both physically, but most importantly emotionally. I feel really proud of myself and the changes I’m making.
June, Auckland

Thank you for the nudge!
Holy smoke!!! 12kgs lost since I started. Feeling stoked…I can now I so deserve all I have and am open to receiving even more. Thank you for giving me the nudge (albeit a mighty big one) in the right direction!!! UPDATE: 16kgs now whoop whoop!!! Thank you, special lady, you’ve helped me so much.
Jane, Auckland

Impressive, delightful, satisfying and fun
After the first session I felt like I had a knot in my tummy and I started craving water almost immediately. I am finding it easy to eat healthy foods and I’m leaving food on the plate and finding it so much fun. It is surprising me how much I’m enjoying the process – my boss has asked me twice “What are doing differently?” because I’m less stressed than usual! Thanks so much. It has sincerely been fun…..can’t believe weight loss could be such fun, lol!
Hayley, Auckland

I feel F****** AWSOME!
Thank you so much for what you have helped me achieve. I have had a fab week, smaller meals, drinking like 1.5 litres of water (unheard of for me) not one fizzy drink other than a soda water. I have dished up 1/2 my usual portion and only managed about 1/2 of that!!! I am not feeling deprived at all as i am eating what i want but small amounts, but in saying that i am eating heaps of yummy salads, and chicken, not one chip, not one biscuit and i honestly don’t miss it.  I feel F****** AWSOME (excuse the language but I do) Also only drinking 1/3 of my usual wine. GUESS WHAT, i bought a dress in Australia eariler this year, couldn’t get it on, too tight around hips, tried it this morn and it looks fab. I  am so stoked to be wearing it today, figure better wear it before it too gets to big!!!! Yahoo progress, thank you thank you thank you xx
Debra, Auckland

No more rummaging in the fridge
I am eating much smaller amounts now. This voice in my head asks me “Are you really hungry or do you need some water first?” I am able to taste baking without gorging; I can eat a couple of lollies instead of the entire bag and I enjoy walking most days. I can pick what I want to eat – with no guilt.  I find the guidelines easy to follow as there’s enough structure to help me and freedom to apply my own way, so to speak! This is the first Christmas since I can remember where I haven’t rummaged in the fridge to assuage my emotional eating!!!
Julie, Wellington

Used to weigh myself every day
I used to weigh myself every day – sometimes many times a day. When you strongly suggested I put the scales away (I nearly fainted!!) But now that I have, I can see why.  I am now three dress sizes down and I feel so good!
Lisa, Auckland

Work in food industry
Because I work in the food industry I worked with food all day and was eating a lot of takeaway food. To get through the long hours there would be a can of fizzy or energy drink in my hand and i was sick and tired of feeling exhausted from the junk food, high caffeine cycle. Now I feel crave healthy foods. I crave water, I feel sick at the thought of energy drinks or fizzy (no headaches or withdrawals!!). On my weekly shop the foods are changing, more fresh foods, and i feel proud of my shopping trolley. I still work at the restaurant but I now feel satisfied after less food. I am making healthy decision for myself and am ordering the right food. The changes have been dramatic and my jeans are feeling looser and looser every week!
Nats, Auckland

Menopausal super granny
At 66 I was unhappy that I was still as worried about my weight as I was when I was a teenager, for different reasons from when I was a youngster, but it still occupied much of my mind. With menopause keeping the weight off had been even more challenging. With a couple of precious grandchildren on the way it was important to me to be healthy and be able to keep up with them, rather than looking smart in a dress. I used to load up on potatoes, whereas now i enjoy salad and steak and some potato – not a whole plateful! Since the first session lost 4kg and I look forward to walking, I WANT to go instead of finding an excuse. I feel like I am on track to keep up with my little charges and be super granny!
Pam, Auckland

Everything else is sh*t, I may as well eat!
After a couple of rough years with work and relationships, I’d fallen back on food as my comforter. My sweet tooth always got the better of me. Most days I started off being good, by 3 o’clock eating chocolate and lollies. On really bad days or at certain times of the month I’d think everything else is sh*t so I may as well eat yummy food! Now, all my lolly cravings have gone and I can leave food on the plate. I feel like I can do anything.  I feel strong, like I can do anything including say no to lollies!
Annie, Auckland

Always been the ‘chubby’ one in the family
I have always felt like the fat one in the family. Looking back at childhood photos I can see I was never that big, but I always felt like the chubby one in the family, the fat kid in the class at school.  I have carried those ‘chubby fears’ with me all my life and I was hiding, turning down invites and delaying starting my life and drowning all my anxiety in energy drinks and soft drink.  Since the very first session ‘desperation eating’ has ended. I am loving my new mindful attitude towards food.
Ellen, Auckland

Overweight for protection
I was sexually abused when I was little. For years and years I have lived with guilt and shame and humiliation. Even with years of work and counselling I covered my pain with food and wine and pretending to be ok. I have found it much easier to get out of my comfort zone since the hypnotherapy. I am doing new things, experimenting more.  I have noticed how quickly i used to eat and how i turned to food for comfort – most days. I am making different choices now – around food but much broader than that too. I feel like a cloud has been lifted.
Shelly, Auckland

Christmas was a breeze (without the scales!)
Who knew how helpful putting the scales away could be?! No longer to I obsess about diets or cook books, I just listening to my body. Christmas, which is usually a shocking time for me emotionally and eating-wise, was a breeze. Literally eating quarter the amount I used to. I’m much happier within myself. Thank you.
Sharon, Auckland

Threw up when I ate too much
Since the first session, the ‘normal’ me is changed. I have gone from drinking and eating big portions,  to eating about half of what I used to eat. It feels normal to leave food on my plate, I feel full after only a small amount and I don’t even miss it. I am able to leave food on the plate and be OK with that. On holiday recently I ate more than I needed (bit of an old habit) and I threw up because it was that uncomfortable!!!!! I still enjoy my wine but instead of a bottle I find I sit on a glass of ages, and enjoy it, I can taste it more than ever before.
Julia, Auckland

Shy and overweight to outgoing and happy
I am about to start university and my weight was a real worry. I am not a very social persona and I find it hard to mix with others and make friends. Because of my shyness eating was a way of filling that social void. I was very partial to chocolate and yoghurt, anything sweet. I could polish off a bottle of wine a night.  If we are being proper honest, then I was a bit lazy around exercise too.  I had a very evil voice that sat on my shoulder with all those ‘you’re not good enough’ themes. I‘d always eat everything on my plate – I’d feel obligated too, out of some guilt or boredom. Now, I am eating about half what I used to, I crave water and I enjoying walking.  I’m down 10 kg already and that voice on my shoulder is feeling much more social!
Susan, Auckland

Best money I’ve ever spent!
Because I have IBS I am very particular with what I eat, and I follow the FODMAP diet but often I’ll eat foods that I know will upset my tum. What the hypnotherapy has down for me is clear all the mental clutter in my mind. I’m much less effected by negatively in the workspace now. I’m just not hungry, nor do I have any cravings, or feel short-changed or deprived at all. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on myself.
Kim, Auckland

Yoyo-ed since ankle injury
My weight has yoyo-ed since an ankle injury on the netball court. I’ve already lost 8kgs (after three sessions). My habits are changing. I used to fill the car with petrol and fill myself with chocolate, i used to drink mega amounts of soft drink but know I crave water, I can even chuck food out (i used to eat everything on the plate). I feel amazing. Now that the weight is starting to come off my colleagues are starting to comment.
Jamie, Auckland

I used to HATE any form of exercise. Now LOVE moving my body!
Since getting my head in the right place I enjoy working out. I even look forward to my gym sessions.  I have gone from someone who used to hate any form of exercise to someone who looks forward to it all day and loves it. So far i have lost 7kgs but i have the confidence to know that more will follow.
Jenny, Auckland

IBS has gone
Since the first session I am much more aware of what I eat. My choices are much healthier, and it feels easy, natural even. I have lost 5kgs in four weeks but best of all i have had no symptoms of IBS – none at all. You can only imagine the relief that is!!!
Gill, Auckland

Emotional baggage has gone
My friend is a client of yours and I watching her make changes in her life gave me the confidence to come and see you. Even though she tried to tell me what it was like, it cannot be explained.- it’s something you just have to experience for yourself. So much has changed for me – i have changed the way I look at food and myself but it is much much much more than that. I can leave food on the plate, no more eating all the baking, there’s no more stuffing myself. All the stuff from my past – i grew up in a broken home with drinking, drugs, and gambling, physical violence – and all that old stuff no longer effects me. Thank you.
Tina, Auckland

Three combo meals down to one
I have been overweight since i was a kid. I was bullied as a teenager. Food was my only friend. I’d never feel full and movement felt like a mission. I could eat three combos at McDonalds and eat a pizza for afters because no matter how much I ate I never registered as full. Since the first session I’ve gone from having three combo meals to having one (and I thought I was going to burst!) It seems as though food is not as important as it used to be. So far I have lost 12 kgs but best of all my blood pressure is improving.
Dale, Auckland

I can eat one lolly now. Before I used to eat all 20
The ‘old me’ had some ingrained unhelpful habits. Like drinking soft drink every day, feeling guilty and remorseful when I ate something “bad”. Eating when I was not hungry and gorging when i was stressed or worn out. The ‘new’ me has so much control. I have had zero soft drink cravings, and I am less concerned with what I eat and instead i focus on how much. It is such an unprescriptive system there is no guilt. I feel like nothing has been taken away from me, just lots of great things have been added, like control and confidence and a peace around food! My meal sizes have shrunk, I can eat one lolly now and enjoy it (I used to eat 20!!!)  and there is no desire to go back for seconds, and my sugar intake is reduced – without any cravings or headaches or willpower. Thank you for the new me ; )
Jacky, Melbourne

Eat out most nights but still losing weight
I used to be that like of person where I’d eat the whole bag of chips. I could never eat just three chips. I was very all or nothing person. The entire bag or none of the bag – now I can have three chips! Turning 40 and it was a big deal for me – wanted to feel at my best. I’ve been eating out almost every night for the past month but I’m still losing weight. I’m leaving food on the plate, three meals, no nibbling, good choices and eating mindfully. Even with all the eating out – takeaways and restaurants – still lost 3kgs.
Ella, Auckland

Dig in and dig in fast
We were as poor as church mice as children.  As the youngest of six children I would worry about where the next meal was coming from (I’m now in my 50s). Leaving food on the plate or saving food for later was not something our family ever did.  I learned to dig in, and dig in fast!!! The principles you teach and the hypnotherapy have completely changed the way I view food, and myself.
Abby, Auckland

Addicted to energy drinks
Lost 14kgs so far and not a single energy drink has passed my lips since the first session.
Bridget, Auckland

44 and “still fat”
I used to think about food all the time. I felt a bit stupid because at my age (44) I was “still fat”. Why haven’t I sorted this by now???? Now, my eating is controlled. More than that though, I have asked for a pay rise!  Best of all, my girl is developing all my new healthy habits too.
Kate, Auckland

Best sleep in 18 years
After the first session I had the best sleep I’d had in 18 years. I have an 18-year-old that’s how I know!  No more ginger nuts after dinner, no dieting – just calm and peace.
Tracey, Auckland

Nothing has changed, but everything has changed
When I drove home from the first session it felt like nothing had changed. But all through the week I noticed many little changes, like how much I used to overeat for emotional reasons. I leave food on the plate, I am craving healthier foods, and I just don’t feel hungry. It’s like nothing has changed but also everything has changed! Thank you.
Jane, Auckland

Everyone in my family is larger
Before the virtual gastric band I had lost and regained 20kg with a variety of diets. I went through stages with exercise and was on depression medication. All my family are larger people and exercise not something I did. Since the band life is very different. Last night I had one kebab instead of my traditional three, snacking has gone and I hardly think about food any more. I drink water every day instead of fizzy drinks, and all the fear I used to have around feeling hungry has gone. I am even making time to walk now!!!
Nora, Auckland

Ticking off my bucket list
I feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. I have lost 5kg so far. It’s not the world’s fastest weight loss programme but I reckon it’s the easiest. I haven’t felt deprived once. I’m sharing dishes with friends and i am leaving food on my plate. Portions are much smaller with the benefit of saving me lots of money!!! I find I’m also doing more – things that I have been procrastinating on for months, on my bucket list, I just to them now.
Jean, Wellington

Feel sick when i overeat!
I have struggled with my weight for years. Since the children and a couple of injuries, I have found weight difficult, depressingly so. Before the virtual gastric band I would regularly have a ‘munchies’ time where I’d eat any and everything in the fridge. I’m eating a lot less now and when I do sometimes overeat I can feel the band and I feel sick!!!  I feel spritely which is pretty exciting for a woman of my age – I feel like I’m shining!  I still enjoy my favourite foods but there’s no guilt. Thank you. I’ve lost 8kgs so far and counting.
Rachel, Perth

Body confidence issues
I have had body confidence issues since i was a child and been “big for my age” since my teens. Last year I lost 40kgs through dieting but as soon as I finished the diet, the weight piled on. Since the VGB I look in the mirror and really dig who see!!!! I feel like I have got my life back, there’s a spring in my step.  I eat what I want – but what I want is mostly really healthy. There’s no more guilt or anxiety about what I just ate. I’ve been so disappointed in myself and other weight loss regimes before I could never have believed how effective it could be.
Kyra, Auckland

Miss my double chin? yeah, right!
I used to think about what i was going to have for dinner at lunch time! Food was my world. Since the sessions I hardly think about food. I am less bothered by stuff at work, i am able to take life in my stride. My daughter says that I am less “mean mummy!” I thought I would feel deprived but I don’t – the only thing i’m missing is my double chin! Yeah, right!
Belinda, Wellington

Nervous about hypnotherapy
I was quite nervous about the hypnotherapy. I had seen on tv how people “cluck like a chicken”!!!! But it was nothing like that. I found it very restful. In 2005 i had a year from hell – my world turned upside down and i started comfort eating, it was my coping method.  Food and wine, and takeaways.  Fast forward and I am eating about a quarter of what I used to, and still enjoying a glass of wine but not an entire bottle. At the pictures last week I refused ice cream because i just didn’t fancy it, and that voice that used to say “just one more dish” has gone. I feel much more mellow about life – it’s hard to put into words, you just need to experience it for yourself. I feel frickin awesome – 8kgs today!!!!
Vanessa, Auckland

Yippeeeeeeeee – no more ‘missing out’
I love being able to have one piece of chocolate without eating the whole bar. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 2.5kgs after one session all with NO ‘missing out’ feeling.
Jules, Auckland

Time to go shopping….
So much has changed for me – so much more than the 12 kgs. It is like the hypnotherapy has put my mind ‘right’. I feel relaxed and invigorated at the same time.  Instead of jumping on the scales twice a day I don’t even care what the number say because i feel so good. Clothes that i haven’t fitted for years are hanging off me – it’s time to go shopping!!!!
Raywyn, Auckland

Nutritionist by training
As a nutritionist by training, I know what we’re supposed to eat…but could I do it???? Stress, guilt has gone, it’s very freeing. All the ‘good’ bad’ notions around food have disappeared. Food is just food again.
Lisa, Auckland

I’ll start tomorrow…
I had the harshest inner critic in the world. I’d spend days, weeks, months beating myself up promising myself I’d start ‘being better’ tomorrow. Now, I have motivation to just do what I need to do. I feel joyful. It’s a very forgiving process. My eating has changed, and so is my relationship with my husband. I’ve started feeling really good in the bedroom (say no more!!!)
Christine, Auckland

The last 15kgs has gone
I had already lost 15kgs by myself but I was stuck on the last 15 kilos. My weight had plateaued – drinking was my challenge, as I’d easily drink a bottle of wine a night. I had terrible reflux. I knew I had lots of will power – just no won’t power! Since the sessions I’ve eased up on the drinking, I’m in control. I’m saving money, my reflux has gone and I feel sooooo good. Optimistic, energised and motivated. Smaller portion sizes and leaving stuff on plate. I’ve lost 5kgs so far and my work uniform is starting to fall off me. What a nice ‘problem’ to have!!!!
Paula, Auckland

Heart disease, last resort
With a family history of heart disease and a past full of diet failure, hypnotherapy was my last resort. The sessions have completely changed my outlook on life. I no longer sweat the small stuff (I used to be a control freak) and sleep is easy (insomnia goodbye)  As i write this I’m back from a week holiday and i’ve lost another kilo this week. Even on holiday these principles are easy and get results!
Jennie, Auckland

Sexual abuse in the past now
Ever since an incident as a child I’d found attention from men very difficult. I used to hide behind the protective layer of fat and stress eat, nervous eat, celebrate eat, reward eat, boredom eat. Lots of eating. From the first session I noticed the ‘old me’ was changing. I now savour my food, I feel more in control and live here and now, rather than in the fear of the past. Yes I am shifting the pounds but even better am I coming out of hiding.
Jules, Auckland

Who wants to be a fat mum of the bride? Not me!
A friend recommended I talk to you. I was terrified about being the centre of attention at my daughter’s wedding – a fat mother of the bride! I’d tried every diet – my husband can tell you that!!! Since the sessions not only is the weight coming off, I feel confident about standing up and talking at the wedding. My daughter is so proud of me, and so am I.
Tania, Auckland

Size 8
I didn’t even want to lose weight. I was Size 8 but OMG what a mission it was to stay there! I’d work out at the gym, constantly watch what I ate.  Like any 40 year old, I’d had some bumps in the road and food was my comfort whenever my brain screamed. I feel more confident, I’m sleeping better, nothing bothers me like it used to.  I am still Size 8 and maintaining it without the mission!
Gill, Auckland

We’re that social family
The weight had just sneaked on over the last five or so years. I enjoyed a glass of bubbles, chardonnay, you name it. We’re a very social family so I need a weight loss programme that could accommodate that – no points counting that kind of thing. Four weeks since the first session a glass of wine lasts all evening. I’m still social but without the social pressure to have to keep up. I feel comfortable in my own skin, no deprivation, just listening to my body. Judy, Auckland

Hid marshmallows from the kids!
I used to do all sorts of naughty things!!! Eat lots and lots of bread even when I wasn’t hungry, nibble on lollies at the office, graze after dinner. I’d think about food all day long – either craving it or feeling guilty for eating it!!! I’d even hide packets of mallow puffs from my kids!!! I’ve shed 4kgs in 6 weeks.
Karen, Auckland

Depression free now
After an relationship break up I piled on the weight. I’d easily drink 2 litres of coke per day and crave sweets all day every day. I’d buy sweets and eat them on the way home from groceries. I had a battle with depression which made me eat crap, which affected the depression which made me eat crap, which affected the depression….. Since the sessions haven’t touched coke, and I’m taking the stairs instead of the lift and I even had salad at maccers!! There’s definite shift inside. I still have ‘down days’ but I use the tools now and feel better, quicker. You were exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Thank you 🙂
Maureen, Auckland

Feeling feminine
For me, it was about my health, happiness and feeling feminine. I was the kind of person who’d never leave a bag of potato chips half eaten (demolish the lot). I feel like I’m on the right path – it’s so easy. I feel happier in my body AND mind, more open to challenges. It’s like things are happening without me even trying. I feel more elegant and can now fit my three wardrobes full of beautiful clothes.
Ellen, Wellington

Control over my life again
I had been through some big changes (divorce, losing both parents) and I’d put on a lot of weight. I turned to food and drinking. The sessions have helped me come out the other side. I feel lighter, bubblier, happy I’m so pleased with myself. I’m still eating the things I love, ice cream and kebabs and dessert – but I have control over my life again.
Trish, Auckland

It’s heavenly being able to eat a handful of lollies instead of the whole packet.
Carla, Auckland

Holy f**k moment!
I just feel so grateful. Thank you. Food has been an issue since, basically forever and now it’s not which is really really really really good. You’ve given me this lightness in my approach to food, it’s just been soooooo  easy. After the first session there was a tenderness on the side of my tummy, then later that day when I ate my ‘normal’ amount of food, I had a Holy f**k moment when I realised how much smaller my tummy felt. Since then I’ve listened to my tummy and eaten only what I’ve wanted. The word that springs to mind is game changing. Thank you.
Lesa, Melbourne

Eat when I felt panicked
As a child I watched my mum and dad fight like cats and dogs and whenever I felt unsafe I’d eat and eat and eat. I’d constantly feel hungry, even immediately after eating a huge bowl of some food. Since the sessions, I feel refreshed, safe. I can bounce into anything new, energised, and trusting of new people. Because I’ve lost the weight (15 kilos) the pressure on my joints has lessened. Now I savour my food (and life) I take time to enjoy, to slow down. I feel safe. There’s no more emotional eating. Now I eat to enjoy instead of eating to numb. There’s no more panic eating.
Laura, Hamilton

Life is “back to good”
I feel like life is easier, it’s back to good. Not just around my physical health but mentally easier. I have gone from having a crazy sweet tooth – chocolate, biscuits, chocolate, chocolate, cake, chocolate – but now I can pass on the sugary treats. My cravings have completely gone. I still enjoy catching up with friends but without all the cake and muffins!!! I’ve already lost 4kgs without dieting or counting calories.
Breena, Auckland

“Grumpy mummy” has left the building
Even though I only had 5 or so kilos to lose, my weight had always been a ‘thing’. I felt sloppy and wanted to quit hiding from Facebook photos! I’ve gone from “the packet’s open, so I need to eat it all now” to being able to keep half-full packets of chips and chocolate in the cupboard for weeks, months even. I’ve had no takeaways at all – I simply don’t want them. Outside of the kitchen, I’m much more organised. My children have noticed how calm and organised I am, no more ‘grumpy mummy’. I’m up at the crack of dawn every morning, looking forward to the day (I used to sleep in dreading the day). It’s been the easiest 5kgs to loose and with everything I’ve learned I know it’s staying off. I’m at my happy weight!
Alison, Auckland

Petrol stations
Petrol stations no longer hold any temptation for me. I can fill up the car and walk straight past the sweets and chips.
Susie, Auckland

Repelled by diet coke
After years of drinking diet coke – I am now COMPLETELY repelled by it. Diet who???!!
Michelle, Auckland

Ice cream was my friend
I used to have trouble sleeping and would often stuff myself with food at night. I’d nibble and nibble, especially magnums! Ice cream was my comfort food. I hated the way I felt and looked, feel constantly tired, and am sick to death of shopping for fat clothes. I am one year away from 50, would love to be feeling fit and slim when that day comes. When I got to the stage where I had back fat and felt constantly tired I knew i had to do something. I’ve had two sessions now and I have energy to burn and my jeans are hanging off me. They were tight jeans but they’re now baggy! I feel flipping sensational! The weight is steadily coming off me but the best thing is I have so much energy – there’s no more sitting on the couch for me. I feel much more confident and in control. The weight loss is awesome but what I really love is how good I feel about myself. I’m just so grateful that I found your listing about weight loss hypnotherapy. Thank you. I can’t believe how much more disciplined I am, without even thinking about it. Thank you.
Gillian, Auckland

Regained my pre-baby bod
I am 36 and have had issues around weight and body image since I was in my late teens when I gained a lot of weight suddenly from going on the pill. Although my weight has gone up and down in that time I have always felt unsatisfied with my weight even when I was quite thin. My weight went up drastically with each of my pregnancies (I have two children, 6 and nearly 3). After the first I managed to lose the majority of the weight but since the second I just haven’t been able to get back on track and when I came to see you I was even heavier than I was right after she was born. I was very conscious of the fact that my issues are as much in my mind as in my body as I have managed to successfully lose weight several times in the past and then somehow ended up back where I started. I’ve gone from drinking a lot of diet coke, cornflakes with sugar, anything with sugar, to feeling 1000 times better than I did before the first sessions. I haven’t had a single diet coke and haven’t even wanted to. I’m stoked, there’s no temptation. So eeeeeeasy, I’m just incredulous at losing 3.3kgs in the first week without counting calories or deprivation. No coke, no icecream, no sugar – no withdrawals.
Nicola, Cambridge

Kicked the procrastination
Weight loss has been 12 kgs so far. Best thing is that I’ve kicked procrastination. I’m doing more and thinking less, I’m calmer and gentler, I’m getting through my to do list – there’s a liberation around work. Arrrrr – the freedom!
Elizabeth, Auckland

Put away the reflux meds
I’m so thrilled I saw the article in the Woman’s Day and came to you. While I’ve always been big I was waking up at night in pain from reflux. No matter how many times I promised myself, I’d always go and eat after dinner nibbles and desserts, crackers, cheese boards, you name it! I’d even hide packets of mallow puffs from my husband so I could keep them all to myself! It seems like a world apart now. Since our first session I haven’t eaten anything after dinner because I simply do not feel the need. I no longer crave chocolate or sweets, and I crave healthy foods and lots and lots of water. The weight is starting to shift now (3kgs so far) but best of all is my reflux has gone so I can sleep through the night.
Kylie, Auckland

Weight after divorce
At 37, I had tried everything I can tell you. I was desperate and even though I thought hypnotherapy was pretty “woowoo”, I was desperate enough to come and see you because in a couple of months time we’re going on hols and want to look good in my togs! While i have always been health conscious I’ve struggled in the last few years with a divorce and stressful job and the weight just crept on. I saying no to invitations because I felt so frumpy.  I’m delighted that I’ve been able to lose weight (4kgs and counting) without having to give up my cheeses or and wine …simply smaller amounts of cheese and wine!!!
Elaine, Auckland

Got my sexy back
Six kilos had crept on through eating farm-fresh food…just way too much of it!!! For me losing the 6kgs was all about getting my sexy back because since having kids things had changed. I felt like I didn’t have control unless I did something very extreme, and I was bored of extreme. Now I don’t even think about food, I eat when I’m hungry, and really enjoy it, then stop. Beyond food, I’ve had a major clear-out of the house; all my old stuff that was sitting around has gone to charity. I’m still doing all the things I used to enjoy doing like meeting with friends, but instead of having coffee and a cake, it’s easy now to have a coffee and conversation! I feel freer emotionally, physically and mentally – thank you!
Cerise, Auckland

Saving money
I laugh now to think that when I first started the sessions I kept it quiet from my husband because I didn’t want him complaining I was “throwing away money on another diet”. What’s hilarious is how much money I’m saving now!!!!! We save money on food, our countdown trolley has different foods. So far I am down 9kgs, have gone down two dress sizes, and I’m loving it! And my husband has noticed the changes too!
Julie, Auckland

15 coffees per day
I used to drink 15 to 20 coffees per day. I was addicted. I don’t even think about it now nor do I miss it.
Lucy, Auckland

Easy and natural
It wasn’t until I got home after the first session that I realised exactly how much I had been eating, picking and snacking on.  I’ve got so much get up and go now. I’m so proud of myself and happy with the changes I’ am making. I’ve still got a ways to go but I feel confident. It’s so easy and natural this way.
Jo, Auckland

Binge drinker
I’m 50 and had been overweight for 15 years. I’ve been unfit for so long I’d forgotten what it feels like to feel fit and healthy. My wake-up call was losing a friend to a heart attack. I’m what would be considered a binge drinker. My eating habits had gotten pretty messy – between the circle of drinking friends, eating massive portions, knee issues and grazing all day. After the first session I stopped picking, or if I pick, I eat a piece of chicken but not the whole chicken. My portion sizes are about a third of what they used to be and i don’t miss the rest of it at all. Between the hypnotherapy and the gym I know got this nailed. My mind is in another place – it feels very easy and natural to crave healthy foods. It’s weird as all hell – but it’s working!!!!
Paula, Auckland

Naughty little food habits…lol
I had some naughty little food habits…lol… that I’d been adding to my collection over the years. I was careless with food and had made some bad habits routine, Oh why not have a bit more’ until the entire family sized packet was gone. I didn’t have time to exercise nor did i have the energy to get out the door because I work full time and am a mum. It’s all go go go as any working mother knows. Since the sessions, since the very first session, I’ve felt really, really, really good-i eat slowly and consciously, I feel completely detached from food, and have renewed optimism in life. Entire days go by without snacking and I’m much less emotionally attached to food. There’s no guilt. I’ve stopped using my body as a rubbish bin!!!!!! I’m absolutely convinced this is the right path for me, I feel in control, I feel calm, and refreshed, like I have a new lease on life. My energy levels have increased in every area of my life – I’m absolutely stoked! Thank you : )
Heather, Sydney

“Didn’t realise your mummy was a ‘fatty’!”
My turning point was overhearing my daughter’s new school friend say “I didn’t realise your mummy was a ‘fatty'”. The truth hurts!!!!!!! The comment made me cry. But it was the truth I’d been avoiding for years. We hadn’t had a family photo for five years because i was embarrassed about my size. Looking back I was in denial, some kind of survival mode. Since the 4 sessions I feel I’m a brilliant role model for my girls, I feel confident and full of energy. No more dragging myself around. I know longer stress about carbs, or the scales  – I feel great.  Since the four sessions I’ve lost 5kgs and I’ve posted a photo on facebook (sooooo proud of me!!!!!) Thank you : )
Juilette, Auckland

Hide from cameras
I used to put off life until after the wobbles had gone.  I kept putting off life and hiding, especially from cameras. I hated mobile phone cameras and facebook! I spent my life eating bad food and always felt like I needed something sweet. Like I never felt full. I always used to eat a foot long sub but now I’m happy to have the 6 inch and feel totally satisfied. I’m a keen gym goer and have been lifting personal bests all week so I know that it’s fat I’m losing not muscles. I’m no longer nibbling at night. I used to eat a king size bar of chocolate between dinner and bed time every night – now nothing. I have dinner and that’s it. I just don’t even feel like snacking. I feel like I can finally be the mum I’ve always wanted to be for my 6 year old, I’m setting a great example now and I feel much more confident about myself. I’ve even put a photo of me, not my child, on facebook. No more hiding!!!!
Kimberly, Auckland

Food addiction
After 23 years of dieting, and I’m not getting any younger (65) I realised that it was time for me to take charge before it was too late. It’s all the little things that have changed: instead of eating two sandwiches for lunch, I’ll eat one and feel replete, i eat carbs but I don’t crave them like I used to, I’m eating much smaller portions and I don’t miss the huge servings.  Last weekend I baked biscuits for the grandkids and I ate one but that was it. Easy. I sometimes find myself standing at the pantry asking myself “ what do I feel like?” Then I realise the answer is ‘nothing’!!!!! It’s like the food addition has gone – plain gone. I feel happier than I’ve felt in ages simply because i feel so in control and I’m not hungry all the time.
Deanna, Auckland

Tummy is not an insinkerator!
I used to have such a problem chucking food in the bin. Even though I was full I’d keep eating because ‘it was there’. Ha ha. Not anymore!!!!! Just so we are clear – I don’t waste food, but I no longer use my tummy as an insinkerator!!! I used to horde food, hide leftovers from my family, and I’d say to myself, ‘this week I’ll ‘be good’, but I never seemed to be able to. Now I have the energy and the determination to do what I need to do – and it feels so natural and easy. I’ve stopped eating toast between meals and buying chocolate bars at the service station and running to McDonalds evey time life throws me a curve ball.  No more fat and frumpy for me!!!! I feel much more in control of myself, my meals, and my life.
Julie, Auckland

No cravings during period
I’ve lost 4kgs in three weeks!!! Best of all I’d normally crave sugar over my period – I’ve had no cravings for sugar or chocolate or anything. I’m so happy!!!!!!
Elizabeth, Auckland

Stopped the nibbling….
Because I work from home it’s always been easy for me to head to the nut jar and nibble my way through the day. Every time I got anxious I’d nibble, every time I felt bored I’d nibble, every time I felt stressed I’d nibble. Now, since the four sessions, I’m eating half as much as I used to, just my three meals a day and I’ve STOPPED THE NIBBLING even though I still work from home!!!! The weight feels like it’s literally falling off me – it’s actually only a 1kg per week – but without dieting I’m thrilled with that. Most importantly I’ve stopped eating like the athlete I used to be and am eating in accordance with where my body’s at now. I see now that I didn’t need to eat half of what I used to eat!!! My head hunger is nailed. Beyond the food changes, I find I’m able to make decisions more easily, it’s like having control around food has given me control around other aspects of my life.
Sally, Auckland

Diet coke
I used to pig out whenever i got stressed. I used to stand at the fridge door gazing into the fridge and just eat whatever was in there. I’d finish everything on my plate – sit there and eat it all, even if I wasn’t hungry. I’d drink diet coke every day. Which isn’t ideal because I’m a diabetic so have to inject myself every day, which I hated. Now my sugar levels are much better than they’ve been in ages and I’m gradually coming off my meds (with doctor’s supervision). Speaking of meds, I no longer require sleeping pills at night, For me it’s been all the small things – I no longer eat biscuits with my tea, there’s no in-between nibbling, I’m making great food choices – eating hummus – never eaten hummus un my life!!!! Aside from all the eating stuff that’s changed – I’m speaking up more, learning to say no rather than allow people to push me around, and, in general, I’m trying new stuff getting out of my comfort zone. It feels effortless with the hypnotherapy. My goal was to be healthy and watch my grandchildren grow up. It feels like it’s all falling into place. PS: I’ve stopped the diet coke and drink water instead. THANKS A MILLION!
Loretta, Auckland

Freedom from food
I suppose like most overweight women I’d tried everything. My blood pressure has been steadying rising along with my weight. And I’m super social – I love to party and drink and I love to cook. Of course, when I drink and cook I eat everything, so on it goes, my weight goes up and my health deteriorates. I’m a busy mum and I work full time but I was often too hung over or had such low energy I wasn’t participating in my kids’ lives. Since the sessions I hardly recognise myself!!! I’ve slowed down the rushing, (but seem to be getting more done!). I’m drinking much less (but enjoying partying still), and I’m cooking and creating my favourite meals without wanting to gorge on them. I can give or take dessert when we go out, it no longer rules my life!!! My mind feels freer and my confidence is at an all time high. Thank you.
Tracey, Auckland

Found my ‘happy place’
I have tried diet after diet after diet after diet. So depressing!!! When I came across your name in the paper it was like a voice of hope. I kept the article in my purse for a couple of days before I called you – I’m OK to admit now I was a little chicken to come and see you. Partly in case it didn’t work and partly because I thought hypnotherapy would be all whacky!! It all seems so silly now!!!!! I am no longer breathless after walking up a flight of stairs. My habits have changed. I eat slowly, I eat what I want and I have control over food for the first time in what feels like forever. Going back for seconds doesn’t even cross my mind. Best of all I feels easy, like it’s meant to be. There’s no struggle or gritted teeth. I’m loving exercising – I crave exercise – I look forward to it ALL DAY!!!!  You’ve helped me find my “happy place!!!!”
Joslyn, Auckland

Fit + fabulous + 70!
I hated being fat and breathless and in pain.  As my 70th was coming up I was terrified I’d be a “fat and old 70 year old”.  Now I have this complete aversion to sugar and fat now – it’s awesome – because food used to rule my life. I crave only fabulous foods now! I’m cooking and creating gorgeous meals to share with my family. I’m exploring the kitchen again in a creative way rather than a eat everything in sight way. I still eat the occasional treat – if I want ice cream, I’ll eat it. I just don’t crave for it like I used to. Instead I yearn for fruits and melons and veges from the garden (which has languished for the past several years as I didn’t have the energy to tend it). I’m finding sweets are “too sweet” now and instead I eat seasonal fruit. I crave walking – whereas I used to put the kettle on for a cuppa and biscuit (or the packet), now I take my dog for a stroll. It’s like my head hunger has just gone – evaporated. I feel healthier than I’ve felt in ages. I can say no to food, I can push it away, I just listen to what my tummy is telling me. Now I feel like I’m able to cope with the ups and downs of life, I’m pain free and able to wear anything I like. I’ve lost 4kgs and I’ve still got a few more to go but I feel like I’m well on the way to being a fit, fabulous 70-year-old. I feel active and vibrant and ‘onto’ it. Things have changed dramatically and I just thank you for giving me back control Avril.
Cherene, Auckland

I’m a “foodie”!
This stuff is so powerful. I didn’t feel deprived at all, which is saying a lot because I’ve always considered myself to be a foodie. I’m drinking water like a crazy thing, I’ve stopped beating myself up, I’m leaving food on the plate and taking more exercise. I’m still eating chocolate – yum – but it’ll be a row rather than the whole block. My food choices have changed – I crave healthy food which is weird since I used to eat a lot of packaged food. I only had 2 pieces of chocolate the week before my period – normally I’d have 2 blocks a day. I no longer pick or graze between meals and I have a little bit of dessert. I’m thrilled about the 8kgs I’ve lost – yes, there’s more to go – but mostly I’m happy that I have confidence and control around food and I know I’m on the right path.
Carey, Auckland

Even though I only had 8kgs to lose the VGB was a godsend. I’ve tried all the diets, all the regimes, all the programmes and I felt the thing I needed to sort was in my head not another diet. It was simple and easy (just like to said ha ha ha) with no dieting, no deprivation. I lost 3kgs over Christmas, 2 kgs the following week and am steadily losing a about 500grams a week now. I find I crave water now rather than nibbles – it’s so easy to stay away from the nibbles. I’m rewarding myself more – being generally kinder to myself in all areas of my life. I know you said you couldn’t make me younger but I do feel more youthful!!!!! Sandy, Auckland

Nasty voice in my head has chilled out
There’s less noise in my head around food. There’s less noise in my head around everything! It’s like that voice in my head – that nasty little nagging voice has chilled out.  Every aspect of my life is changing along with my eating habits. I feel like I have control over my eating but it’s bigger than that. I can now have chocolate in the cupboard and it’s ‘safe’ without me gobbling it down. It’s like ‘food is food again instead of some tormentor! I’m able to leave food on the plate, at a buffet I’m able to eat what I want then leave the rest. I’m feeling brighter, lighter, I’m laughing more and am being less of a control freak!!!! I feel like even though I don’t know what’s around the corner I can handle anything. I used to be erratic at best with exercise whereas now it feels easy and natural. Best of all I’m feeling more at ease in my own skin and my husband has been benefiting from my new found confidence too! Hooray!!!
Janet, Auckland

“Mummy has stopped drinking poison”
I used to drink a lot of coke By a lot I mean a wheelie-bin full of soft drink bottles full. I’d hide the soda around the house like a coca-cola-holic so my husband wouldn’t see it. I used to get wicked headaches – they’d plague my week. Since the sessions I feel so proud putting out the wheelie-bin knowing that there’s no soda bottles hiding, and the headaches have gone.  My entire grocery trolley has changed, as in, I go down different aisles in super market now. We hardly eat any processed foods, mostly fruit and vege and fresh meat and healthy stuff – and instead of feeling difficult, it’s easy, it feels natural. I used to be embarrassed by the contents of my trolley with all the chippys and junky food!!!!! Best of all my three year old is changing her habits too – she’s drinking water instead of asking for soda, and eating apples instead of chippys. She made an annoucement at the dinner table, “mummy has stopped drinking poison”. Wow. The weight loss is awesome but the best thing for me is I feel like I am a proper role model for my little one now.
Louisa, Auckland

Thrive instead of survive
Ever since my first baby (11 years ago) my weight has been a constant struggle.  It was a daily constant battle. I dreaded food but I loved it as well. Every day it was a thing for me – what to eat, what not to eat, it was like this obsession. It was like food was my world, my automatic pilot or friend when I was anxious or unhappy or stressed or tired and having a baby I was tired a lot. I was very nervous before the first session – I didn’t know what it would be like but it was easy and relaxing and lovely. I feel like I am thriving instead of surviving.  Obsessing about food and carbs is gone for good. I love that I can cook the same meals for the entire family – unlike ‘normal’ diets when I’ve cooked separate meals for the kids and my husband, I’ve biffed the scales and all of my clothes are fitting me easily. I cannot believe how much energy and vitality I have!!!!! Thank you for taking away my obsession with food.
Monica, Auckland

Who ate all the pies?
Well, it used to be me who “ate all the pies”. My default reaction to stress (and I have a very stressful job) was to eat pies, lots of them. It used to really p*ss me off just how often I’d find myself chewing down a pie while travelling to and from different work locations. I’d tried every single diet, Atkins, low fat, low carb, this that and the other. I could write a book on diets!!!! Nothing worked ……and before long the pies would creep in and I would start eating them again. Ever since our first session I simply don’t feel the need to eat crap food and I’m eating smaller portions. Unbelievably (according to my husband) it’s like I seek out healthy food. I feel much calmer and more able to deal with my job – at times it’s very stressful, very busy. The hypnotherapy has helped me slow down, relax, and enjoy life a lot more. I feel like got control over a lot more than the pies!!!!
Kevin, Auckland

Energy to burn
I feel sensational. When I came to you my energy was at an all time low. I lived on sugar and coffee because I needed the boost. Work was a struggle, I didn’t have motivation, energy or time for relationships or looking after myself. Now, since my four sessions, my work is booming!  I have lots and lots of clients, I have energy to burn. I feel lighter – literally and figuratively. I have bundles of motivation and energy and I wake up each morning ready to handle anything. I am taking much better care of myself, drinking lots of water, making healthier food choices in fact, I crave healthy foods. Not only am I eating more mindfully, it’s like I live my entire life more mindfully!  I’m having a lot more fun, I’m remembering how to play! My friends and family are all saying how much better I look – that I look good and strong and healthy – and I feel it too. I feel like anything is possible now! Thank you!
Simone, Perth

Control over the food + wine
Avril – I don’t even know what the word is to describe you but when I think of it I’ll let you know!!!!! Life saver springs to mind. I went from drinking two bottles of wine most nights, to having a glass or two ( if I fancy it – and often I don’t). I’ve got total control over whether I drink or not which is liberating. My entire grocery cart has changed – it’s stacked with fruit, vege and healthy food, and best of all my food bill has halved simply because I’m not buying all the potato chips and processed food I used to live on! My health and fitness are improving no end – I have so much energy and motivation and get up and go. Non-fitness related, I’m no longer taking crap from anyone! It’s like I’m very clear as to what I will and will not tolerate. I’m much more honest with myself and everyone around me which means I’m a better mum, and wife and friend and there’s no more ‘drama’ going on in our house. Awesomely, husband has adopted many of my eating habits, as have my three teenage girls. My husband has lost 7 kilos and after 6 weeks, I’ve dropped 6kgs. Thank you : )
Maria, Auckland

Feel better in the bedroom!
I used to eat when I was bored, I’d nibble at the kids’ dinner, I’d graze and I’d eat really big portions. OK, if I’m honest, rugby-size portions! Now I can make the kids’ lunches or dinners and not even feel tempted to eat or nibble. I can eat one cookie (not the whole packet), I feel like I’m back to being me again. It’s meant everything to me. I’m much more involved and active as a mum in my children’s life. I have the confidence to be involved, and really loving every minute. I used to hide behind my weight. I’ve lost 5 kgs in the four weeks we’ve been working together and it feels easy – no dieting or deprivation. In fact I’m amazed at how little i even think about food now. I have so much more control over myself, I sleep better, and I feel better in the bedroom!! I’m much more relaxed about what’s around the corner and feel ready to handle anything! The whole thing around food has changed. I used to live to eat, now I eat to live. I still love to eat but I can say no now. I feel peaceful and I’m no longer controlled by the pantry. My husband says thank you too!
Catherine, Auckland

I was desperate to lose weight. Like most people I’d dieted for years.  I’d tried everything. I used to eat two burgers but only eating one now. I’m eating everything I want to eat – just less of it. I used to tell myself that I loved food now I see that overeating is like a punishment – that it’s an unkind thing to do to my body. It means everything to me to have control of my eating and to feel good about myself. THANK YOU : )I’m enjoying exercise – I’m not going to pretend I love it!!!!! But I do it most days not which is a complete change.
Rachel, Auckland

Love light approach to food
Since our sessions, food has become a ‘great big nothing’. Sounds weird, but you probably hear it all the time . It’s like food is just food. No good or bad food, just food. As you know, I used to obsess about food from the moment I work until my head hit the pillow. From the very first session it was like food was back on the shelf – where it should be! I still love food, but it no longer rules my life. The hypnotherapy has been a game changer for me – for my eating and for taking control of so many other aspects of my life which is really, really, really, really good! I am loving my lightness in approach to food – I’m so grateful. Thank you.
Laurel, Melbourne

Soooooo easy + effortless
I cannot praise and express highly enough my gratitude for this fabulous solution to a long struggle of mine. I have been trying to shed some weight for a long while and experimented with several diets which were always about restriction and pressure and NEVER got me the long term result I was looking for. Then you introduced me to VGB. Hooray! The results started to come instantly after the first of the four sessions and now my entire way of living has changed (for the better!). I feel more energised than ever before, I’m also reducing weight WITHOUT dieting. How cool is that?!! Thanks to you I am fully aware of what I’m doing, I’m observing myself, my portion sizes have been reduced to half and even when I went to a birthday party I could enjoy myself leaving me guilt free. I still have a way to go to reach my end goal but I have donated 6 kgs to the universe so far, and am confident and in control. Thank you.
Daniela, Melbourne

Seeing benefits of gym workout
Despite being disciplined about going to the gym I was always a couple of kilos heavier than I wanted to be. Avril helped me see that my eating was completely undoing my time in the gym. Every time I got stressed or life felt out of control I’d get the munchies, head for my comfort foods and ruin my gym efforts or at least set back my efforts at the gym!!! I’m now much more able to take life’s bumps in my stride with new strategies I’ve learned and without resorting to the fridge. And best of all I am getting results from the time I spend in the gym!
Judy, London

Feel 1000 times better
I just wanted to touch base to let you know how I’m travelling since the first session. I’m stoked, I’m incredulous, there’s no temptation to nibble, and it’s so easy. I love my change in attitude to food. I’ve cut out sugar / ice cream / chocolate AND I’ve had no withdrawals and I’ve lost 3.3kgs this week and didn’t feel deprived at all.” As you know a big part of why I want to do this is so I can be a better role model for my little one – and she’s already noticing the changes in me. I nearly cried this morning (happy tears) when she asked for water instead of coke and she’s eating healthy food simply because I am. I feel 1000 times better than I have in ages!!!!
Naomi, Hamilton

OMG – I said no to FREE chocolate!!!
I’d tried everything, every diet out there, I had tried several times. It wasn’t until I lamented to my gym instructor ‘I wish there was someone who could hypnotise me to stop my night time eating’, and he recommended you, and the rest is history. I don’t even think about food now except for when I’m hungry then I eat. It’s like you’ve pressed re-boot on my brain …lol! I knew it’d worked from the very first session when for the first time in my life I was able to say no to free chocolate from the promo girl in the supermarket!!!!
Karen, Auckland

Motivated to exercise
I was just having a read on your blog and it reminded me to drop you a quick note to let you know my progress and to say I think you’re awesome and thank you!!! Since our sessions I have joined a gym. I know right!!!! I NEVER thought I’d do that! They’re welcoming and helpful and are supportive of all their clients….well those who choose to support themselves!! I can just hear you saying that – support yourself and others will support you!!!! In the last 4 weeks because of my new mindset – thanks to you – and my own dedication and commitment, I have lost 4 kg, 4% in body fat, and a total of 13.5 cm from my body!! It’s been awesome!!! So I love everything that you do, say and share as it’s such an awesome and authentic message and I don’t doubt that all your many wonderful clients are reaping the rewards and benefits from all your passion, dedication and support on their journey for better health!! Anyhooooooooooooooooooo – that’s my two cents for today!!! Byeeeee.
Susie, Melbourne

VGB – the investment that gives and gives
Before the sessions, I had tried every diet invented. Sometimes I’d lose the weight but it’d always come back on. The VGB has been the best investment in my health that I have ever made. I feel better in every area of my life.
Kathy, Sydney

Bikky barrel
I always knew that I was responsible for my body and my eating and exercise (non-exercise – ha ha!) but somehow pre-hypnotherapy I felt like I couldn’t control myself, like I’d find my hands in the bikky barrel before I was aware of it. Since the sessions it’s easy. I find I can easily go through the day without snacking or nibbling and I can say no to office cakes, or have a slice and leave it at that. Whereas once upon a time I’d have avoided the office party altogether or gone and eaten the entire cake!!!! My habits have quietly changed, without any drama or force or willpower, it just feels so easy. THANK YOU : -)
Brianna, Auckland

It’s NOT a diet – yay!
I tried to lose weight on my own and gave up! Hundreds of times. I knew I needed help! I have lost 8kgs and have learned new ways of thinking that I am using in all areas of my life – not just health. This isn’t not a diet, it’s a life change. Coaching with Avril gives you the tools you need to lose all the weight you want to and to keep it off for good!! This really WORKS! Bella, Brisbane

When I started, I was REALLY sceptical because NOTHING had worked for me. I had tried every diet on the market: pills, drinks, you name it, without long-term success. I LOVE having people tell me I look great. I love my energy and the way I look now in my clothes. I was amazed that I was never hungry and the weight came off and off and off! My hubby reckons I look 10 years younger!
Jo, Melbourne

Untangling the self sabotage
Thank you so much for your website!!!!!! It is so timely for me. I found your site from a Google search of “weight loss sabotage”. I have lost 25kgs so far and have been able to maintain that, despite a few fluctuations.  Along the way I have struggled with self sabotage. Each time I have a success, or reach a mini goal, I go on a binge which I know delays the ultimate success I hope to have. I have gotten a lot better at this (trust me) by doing the internal work from your site and asking the hard questions that you pose. I know that losing weight means no more being a “side liner” in life, and that I have to become responsible, which for me, means growing up. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction with your articles. I feel like I am untangling my self-sabotage with your help.
Ella, Texas

What a gift!
It is an amazing gift to have Avril in your corner. I really enjoyed my Avril Time! Throughout our sessions she challenged to face forward but I felt confident to tackle any situation in that space. I deeply admire her willingness to get to the heart of the issue and she she was often there for me beyond the scheduled session. Her support and encouragement is second to none. After each session I felt re-energised and re-focussed. The sense of play and humour that Avril magically weaves into her sessions makes the entire experience one of total enjoyment. We always managed to take time out for a laugh. Thank you Avril, for the love and support you have shared on this journey.
Toni, Perth

Human yoyo no more
I had dieted off and on for as long as I can remember. I’d take it all off by starving myself, then put it, plus some, back on again. Every time I dieted I’d put a little more on. I was a human yoyo! By the time I met Avril I was 12 stone, depressed and convinced I’d be fat forever. I was pretty nervous about being hypnotised – I was afraid it’d be embarrassing but because it was all over the phone I felt like I could be really open and honest. The questions Avril asked me helped me realise that I was looking at weight loss from the completely wrong perspective. Looking back now I know that without the sessions I’d still be depressed and overweight. She’s helped me break out of a whole bunch of patterns that I don’t miss – and I especially don’t miss the squeezing into my size 16 jeans. I celebrated my 15kgs weight loss by buying a pair of skinny jeans!
Katherine, Melbourne

Busted the downwards cycle
The sessions with Avril have provided me with the knowledge and techniques to overcome unproductive thought patterns. By exploring new ways of thinking and applying different strategies, I have broken a lasting cycle and I am now more motivated, empowered, and self assured. It has been a tremendously enjoyable journey. Avril’s infectious positivity and insight is not only enlightening but also inspiring. She’s one in a million.
Chloe, Melbourne


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