Not At Your Happy Weight? You’ve Got A Choice To Make.

Your body keeps an accurate journal … regardless of what you write down in your food diary”.

True or true, chica?!

Uh-HUH. The hard-hitting (but ultimately very FREEING) truth.

Whether you are at your happy weight or, if you’re looking to downsize, your body is a phenomenally accurate measure of all of your previous choices.

All those times you hit the snooze button and told yourself, “yeah yeah tomorrow I’ll head to the gym”.

Every time you ordered the pudding despite feeling replete half way through the entree.

All those times you just ‘had’ to taste test your oven-hatched muffins. IMPORTANT ASIDE: It’s vital to taste test home-baked goods…clearly, it’s obligatory. Ladies…a taste is a taste. Not four of the dozen muffins.

It’s all of those choices……every single one of them…that are reflected in your body.

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Ultimately life is about choice.

A whole bunch of ’em.

Your body is yours. You have ultimate control about what goes in your body. You have control over how familiar you get with the vending machine at work, your fridge at home or the corner fish n chip shop. And that lovely new bakery just down the way…

No. 1 Tip For Taking Back Your Control When You Feel Powerless

I’ve got a deceptively simple yet powerful word for you today…


Here’s why.

The minute we say “I can’t eat that chocolate cake”, or “I oughtn’t drink that third glass of red”, or “I’m not allowed a second helping” we want it even more because we’re denying a desire.

You KNOW I’m right. I can see you nodding from here.

When you use that kind of language: shouldn’t, can’t, oughtn’t, not allowed the inner rebel – resident in all of us – comes out to play.

Simply replace the ‘I can’t’ with ‘I am choosing to walk past the chocolate cake’ makes an assertion in your unconscious mind that you have a choice and you are making the choice willingly.

In the same way you can say “I am choosing to go for a walk” or “I am choosing to enjoy fruit” or “I am choosing to leave food on my plate” instead of I can’t, I can’t, wah-wah, I can’t……

Because, you can. Today, you choose

Simple changes have the most powerful results. Actively choosing reminds your mind that you do have a choice. You can choose to be in control rather than being controlled by food.


A little more on the concept of choice from a wordsmith…indulge.

Today You Have A Choice…

“There’s a choice for you to make right now, at this very moment.

You can choose to listen to people who bring you down, or to tune in to those who lift you up.

You can choose between making a snide, destructive comment, or you can make an encouraging, uplifting one.

You can choose to sit and worry about the worst that could happen, or you can start making progress now, and choose to have faith that everything will work out.

You can cancel the plans you made while you were on that emotional high, or you can go through with your ambitious plans anyway.

You can choose to continue down the path everyone else follows, or you can choose to start living with intention, right now.

You can choose not to contact that person because you could be rejected, or you can reach out because you might be accepted.

You can choose scarcity or choose abundance.

You can choose fear or choose bravery.

You can choose to play their game, responding to negativity with more negativity, or you can turn their energy into a source of creativity and opportunity.

You can ignore your inner genius because it doesn’t fit within someone else’s worldview, or you can embrace who you were meant to be and give all you have to the world.

You can choose to blame others or to take responsibility.

The energy it takes to make either of these choices is the same.

You always have a choice.

Which choice will you make, right now?”

The words you’ve just read are from Corbett Barr. He’s an inspirational chap who provides encouragement and know-how for adventurous entrepreneurs. I encourage you to choose to check him out.

Share with us in the comments the different choices you’re going to make, starting now. Choose to be brave and true to your path, sparkly one ; )

And most of all…

…choose love, Avril

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4 Responses to Not At Your Happy Weight? You’ve Got A Choice To Make.

  1. Avril says:

    Hi Helen

    Choice, eh! I love your choices. Notice how much stronger your belief is in yourself as soon as you replace your “I can’ts” with “I choose”. Suddenly you become wonder woman, you feel so darn powerful. Hats off to you ‘choosing life’!!!! Love it! Thanks for stopping by :)

    Love Avril

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Avril

    I choose to exercise every day, even when it’s raining. I choose to walk rather than drive to the shop. I choose to refuse the second helping of dessert. I choose life and being healthy and happy!!!

    Love always, Helen

  3. Avril says:

    We sooooooooooo over complicate life by pretending we don’t have a choice. We ALWAYS do…even if it doesn’t feel like it.
    Love x

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