The Maths Of Apples: A MUST READ If The No. On The Scales Isn’t The One You Want

“‘Hooonesty Avril. I’ve been eating like a sparrow and I’ve STILL GAINED WEIGHT,” she despaired.

She was about as frustrated as a girl can be. My heart went out to her.

But my head… well, nope.

Because science tells us that what she’s saying is impossible.

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Here’s why: it violates the law of thermodynamics.

Let’s face it, if her body truly was capable of producing ‘weight from nothing’, she’d have been head-hunted by UNICEF and, the world’s hunger problem, eradicated.

A number of clients share this claim (I can relate). They support it by talking about how diligent they’ve been with their exercise and food intake.

It’s only when I do a detailed inquiry about their exercise and eating habits, they get to see they’ve been tricking themselves. Often unintentionally.

Here’s the little heads-up I share with them. It’s fundamental to weight loss.

OK, here we go…

Assuming you’re an average person, during your lifetime you’ll eat 60 million calories. And to maintain your steady weight, you’ll need to expend 60 million calories.

60 million in + 60 million out = steady weight.

OK, so nothing earth-shattering so far… good old ‘calories in versus calories out’.

But put some numbers in the formula and here’s where it gets interesting, ladies.

If you’re an average woman ….

(clearly you’re not Miss Average, you’re unique and wonderful, but for the sake of the example, today, you’re Miss Average)

…who needs 2,700 calories per day to remain at a steady weight but you take in 2,800 and expend only 2,700 calories, you will gain 12 pounds (about 5.5 kgs) EVERY year.

Here’s the kicker…

An apple is about 100 calories.

That’s just an apple a day difference.

In other words, it’s very easy to be overweight!

Now the reason I share these numbers with you is not to depress you. Or scare you off consuming apples.

It’s to remind you of the delicate balance in which our bodies thrive.

It’s to remind you that if you make the slightest error in this balancing act, YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT.

Next time you go to nibble on something and you tell yourself, “it’s only a slurp, only a lick, only a taste… it won’t make any difference to the number on the scales”.


Remember the apples.

Quit tricking yourself.

You know your numbers now.

You are in control of YOUR apples.

That metaphoric apple WILL make a difference. . . all the difference in the world.

Love etc, Avril

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