What Do You Do When Your Motivation Has Gone AWOL?

With the world’s book shelves heaving with information on how to get your good self motivated, why then, is finding motivation still such an issue in our society?

What are we missing?

Motivation, it seems, is a funny thing. An elusive concept.

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Sometimes we experience it, sometimes we don’t. And when we do get it, it doesn’t seem to hang about for very long.

What if there was a simple technique you could apply immediately to kick start your motivation?

Would you want to know about it?

I know I would.

Today’s article was written as a result of this simple technique, so I know it works…

Chris Hammer, a Canadian-based psychologist, says we need to quit using the “elusiveness of motivation” as an excuse to not get things done.


He reckons we have a tendency to see motivation as this “thing” that “needs to be found”.

And that as soon as we “find it”, things will be smooth sailing. That everything will be easy peasy.

Don’t we just?! I know I do.

Hammer goes on to say, as long as we don’t “have it”, we’re not really pressured to accomplish the thing we want to achieve and that we can easily blame our inaction on the fact that we just haven’t “tapped into it yet”.

So we get to stay stuck. . .wheels spinning. . . going nowhere.

But the truth is that it’s NOT impossible to act. . . EVEN IF WE’RE NOT FEELING motivated.

Ladies, wouldn’t you agree…we get so caught up in the idea that we can’t move forward (eat well and exercise) unless we’re “feeling it”.

But this just simply isn’t true.

It might not feel the greatest to take action without possessing this magical thing called motivation… but we’re all completely capable of doing it anyway.

So instead of looking for down the back of the couch for motivation-gone-AWOL, take action. Action CAN (and frequently does) precede motivation.


Or as Nike would say, “Just do it”.

it…regardless of how you feel, and stop looking for some (non-existent) magic formula.

You’ll be glad you did.

Inspire us in the comments section below, what are you going to JFDI today?

Love etc, Avril

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2 Responses to What Do You Do When Your Motivation Has Gone AWOL?

  1. Jane says:

    Hi Avril, I’ve been hearing jfdi a lot recently, and now your post too. I’m listening now!!! I have a lot of stuff I need to jfdi but I think my biggest thing is putting myself first instead of waiting until I feel strong and deserving. I am going to make the time to walk the yard, even if I don’t feel like it. DO THE NIKE THANG!!!! Thank you Avril

    • Avril says:

      Hi Jane, you’re right, JFDI is everywhere right now! I hear you honey, we ALL have a list which would benefit from JFDI : ) I love that you’ve recognised you need to put yourself first – it all starts with your good self, and it starts now. Otherwise you could wait forever to ‘feel’ strong. The more action you take, the stronger you’ll feel. Good on you, and enjoy the walking! Love Avril

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