When To Put On Your Big Girl Knickers

It’s almost February and you know what that means.


If you’re anything like the majority of good folk, your weight loss resolution is starting to get…. well, um…. a wee bit wobbly.

Maybe there’s been drama at work draining you of your energy. Perhaps getting the children to school has become a distraction. Maybe you’re feeling your own personal internal resistance to change.

Depressing, right?

Actually, no.

It is at this precise point – the wobbly point – that you have the most to gain.

When the wobbles strike, there really are only two options:

1.) You could choose beat yourself up.

An ultimately unhelpful but very common choice. You might beat yourself up for “not doing this perfectly”.

Or, beat yourself up by comparing yourself to others, i.e. your besty who “lost soooooo much more weight quicker, faster, better than me……….!!!”

(There are many flavours of beating ourselves up – drama, excuses, finger-pointing – but they all serve to sabotage our progress.)

2.) Or, you could simply observe the wobble, then put on your big girl knickers and patiently keep-on-keeping-on.

As in, when the wobbly part hits, you own your stuff, ditch your excuses, and have fun with the whole darn thing. But most importantly – you keep-on-keeping-on.

If you choose option 2 – repeatedly – then you are truly on the way to igniting your thinner sparkle.

Here’s how to put on your big girl knickers and keep-on-keeping-on ……..even when it feels wobbly:

Accept in your mind that you WILL stumble


Seriously. It’s important to know from the outset that at some point in your journey you’re going stumble. You’ll feel wobbly. Uncertain. Scared. You will!

Like, you’ll eat more than your body needs.

Or, you’ll plateau.

Or, you’ll scoff some sugar or KFC or break some promise that you made to yourself.

It’s inevitable. It’s all part of the journey. And it’s OK.

The secret to your ultimate weight loss is directly dependent on how quickly you get back on track wearing those big girl knickers!

It isn’t the wobble that’s the issue. The issue is the perfectionist thinking behind the wobble.

It’s the, “Oh heavens, I really blew it by eating a biscuit….I may as well eat the whole packet and give up because I’m suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a failure….!!!!”

Or, the “oh boooooooooooooy, the number on the scale has been the same for, like, foreeeeever – I so suck at this.”

You just gotta accept the wobbles.
You need to embrace the stumbles.
You’ve gotta allow the plateaus.

They are natural stages in any weight loss journey. And this journey to your happy weight is all about learning to deal with adversity, setbacks, and surprises.

But, what if I really crash and burn?

So, for those of you who are right now worrying about the big question, “What if I go past the wobble stage and really crash and burn?”

The answer is, you will.ago

A better question might be, “after I crash and burn, then what?”

Remember, we’re all going to lose our balance from time to time. The game is to keep putting on your big girl knickers, staying out of excuses-ville, and seeing it as part of the journey.

Then…..take the next small action that leads you closer to your goal.

Again and again. And again. Wearing those big girl knickers.

Love etc, Avril

PS: Just imagine how incredible you will feel to be waking up on January 1st, 2015, knowing you kept-on-keeping-on for an entire year…and how great would it feel knowing those big girl knickers are a significantly smaller size?!

If you feel like you need help keeping-on-keeping-on, c’mon over and let’s have a chat.

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