You’re a smart woman.

You know the weight loss formula = move your body more + eat a wee bit less.

I know you already know that!

So, since we all know the fundamental equation, why aren’t we the shape and size we want to be, already?

Conscious VS unconscious mind

Sounds crazy, but very often we sabotage our best intentions because we have a whole bunch of ‘stuff’ going on in our unconscious mind that weighs us down – literally and figuratively.

All this stuff, often in the form of emotional baggage or unhelpful habits, makes applying the weight loss formula very difficult indeed.

Even if your conscious mind is jam-packed with positive visions of the svelte new you, and your pantry’s overflowing with nutritionist-approved foods, you will still fall for self-sabotage if your unconscious mind isn’t on board.

Our unconscious mind is an absolute powerhouse. And we operate from our unconscious 95% of the time. (Read that again – it’s a big number!)  It controls all of our habits – including what we eat.

So if you’re struggling to lose weight, it’s not because you’re lazy or broken, nor do you need ‘fixing’. It’s just that you’ve got ‘stuff’ going on in your unconscious mind – operating beneath the radar – which causes you to self-sabotage.

Involuntary childhood programming

You see, as children we soak up beliefs, behaviours and habits from well-meaning parents and teachers. As children we’re very impressionable, we sponge it all up.

In fact, by the time we’re four years old, these ‘ways of doing things’ are deeply embedded in our unconscious, and we never question them.

It might something as simple and well-meaning as your mum encouraging you to finish everything on your plate because, “Children are dying of malnutrition in Ethiopia”.

And now, years later, you’re still licking the plate clean (and going back for seconds), even though logically, you know that no matter how many times you finish everything on your plate, those children in Africa will still be hungry!!!

True or true?!

Given that we have no control over how we’re programmed as children, and because this programming operates on automatic pilot – especially in times of stress – it’s no wonder so many of us struggle to change self-sabotaging patterns as an adult!

But we can change childhood programming.

You can leave your ‘stuff’ in the past, and become the shape and size you choose to be, without diet and deprivation. Just like Nigella Lawson who lost 2 stone recently.

What about YOU, sweetheart?

How much would you like to let go of your weight struggle and become the shape and size you choose to be?

Love etc, Avril

PS: If you’re tempted to think “I’ll sort it out myself,” I understand. We’re conditioned to ‘harden up’ and ‘sort it out alone’. Which, when you think about it – is erroneous. If you could ‘sort it out’ alone, you’d have done it by now, right?

If you’re ready, I mean really really ready to lose weight, why not drop me a line? We can look beneath the radar together and get your mind where it needs to be so you can be the shape and size you want to be. C’mon over….

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