Did you know …. the first hypnotherapist was an Austrian chap called Mesmer? Dr Mesmer.

Hence, the saying to be ‘mesmerised’.

Most of the women I work with realise that on some level they been mesmerised by the noise and distractions around them.

A big part of this is that in this day and age we’re busy busy busy these days, it’s ‘normal’ for us to be super busy. This increasing busyness is leading us to be more and more mesmerised.

We’re focusing on what is going on up there around us outside of ourselves rather than what’s going on within us.

Which is a major issue on the weight loss journey because when we’re mesmerised by the noise around us, it’s nearly impossible to hear what’s going on within.

You see your body has such wisdom, so much instinctual, innate wisdom.

Wisdom we’re ALL born with.

Wisdom like knowing when to eat, knowing when to stop eating and knowing what to eat.

But when we’re focusing outside ourselves by being busy busy busy it’s super difficult to tune in, to hear what our inner wisdom has to say.

So I encourage you to slow down, reconnect with yourself via your breathing, via being mindful.

Gather your attention and bring it inwards more and more often.

Your body so much innate wisdom, so yourself the gift of being still enough to hear what she has to say.

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