My favourite one-word weight loss affirmation

Today, I’m thrilled to share with you my favourite weight loss affirmation.

Now, there’s a bunch of people out there who knock affirmations and claim, “they just don’t work”.

Maybe you’re one of ‘em.

Once upon a time, I used to be suuuuuper cynical of affirmations too.

Course, affirmations DO work. Because anything you repeat to yourself on a consistent basis WILL BECOME YOUR TRUTH.

So here’s my favourite affirmation.

It’s just one word.


Or, for those of you who like the long version: “I am enough”.

Say it to yourself now – “I am enough”. Notice how it feels in your body.

“I am enough.”

Saying it at the beginning of the meal helps to curb your appetite.

Saying it at the end of the meal… helps you to recognise “enough now, you’re enough, you’ve had enough food, you’re good, you’re done.”

Your monkey mind will come up with a list of objections:

“How can you be enough… you’ve got cellulite, you can’t wear a bikini!!!!”

“Okay  “Roger that!!!! I do have cellulite, but I’m still enough. And I can     wear a bikini and I will fit my bikini even sooner because I accept that I     am enough.”

Do you see how this enough-ness game works?

Have fun with it!

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