This week’s tip is all about the power of language.

What I want you to do is replace the word “loss”, and “losing”, as in “weight loss” or “losing weight.”

Think about the very very negative connotations in English of the word ‘loss’.

For example, “I lost my mobile phone!”

Or, “We lost the match—grrrr.”

Or, there’s that ‘charming’ insult that teenagers hurl at each other – “you’re a loser!!”

Nobody wants to lose anything or be a loser.

You see, our natural response, when we lose something, is to want to find it again.

You do NOT want to regain this weight, right!!

Instead, I encourage you to replace the word ‘loss’ with something more neutral like ‘shifting’ or ‘letting go’ or ‘releasing.’

Or, I  have a spiritually-minded client who sends me texts every month or so reading, “I’ve donated another dress size to the universe!!!”

How awesome is that?!

Another client says “I’m not losing anything, I’m regaining the real me.”

That’s a lovely positive twist.

So start using whatever word feels appropriate for you as an alternative to ‘losing.’

I hope you found that useful.

I’ll see you next week for another tip on making peace with food.

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