Today’s tip is about one of the most common mistakes we women make when we decide to drop a dress size.

It’s the “I Want It RIGHT NOW” syndrome.

We, humans, are funny creatures. Despite having thought about losing weight for months, maybe even years, now that we’ve actually decided to take action – well, we want it r.i.g.h.t. T.H.I.S m.i.n.u.t.e!

We’re impatient. We’re needy. We’re afraid.

Sadly, having the rushrushrush mindset will hobble you, before you even start your new regime.

For example, we go from having avoided all forms of exercise for months, to exercising like a crazy woman several times a day.

Or, we go from regularly overindulging at the dinner table on any, and everything to drinking dull-as-dishwater diet shakes that promise “5kgs lost while you sleep”.

Mad at ourselves

Sounds crazy but this ‘rushing’ is just another word for fear. When we’re impatient for results, we’re often mad at ourselves.

We’re mad for not “starting sooner”.

We’re mad for being “my age” and still struggling with this weight thing.

We’re mad for not having no willpower or having “lost time” in the past on failed diets.

We feel like we have to “catch up” because there’s no time to waste.

When we rush our results, the process becomes joyless – something to be endured – it’s painful and unsustainable. Who wants that?

Result = three months later you’re even heavier than before……..and even madder than last time.

So if you have decided that dropping a dress size is what you want – do yourself a favour – and give yourself the gift of time. Do it slowly. Focus on the process, not the result.

Go gently.

Go patiently.

Go kindly.

The weight didn’t arrive overnight. It will not shift overnight.

But if you allow yourself the gift of time and keep on keeping on, you will become the shape and size you choose to be.

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