Have you noticed how zip-bustingly enormous portion sizes have become in the last decade?

It’s insane.

My husband arrived home yesterday with one my favourite treats – caramel slice – and I kid you not – it was the size of two iPhones pluses.

He showed me the receipt to prove that despite it being large enough to feed a small family, according to the till, it was one portion size!!!

So how can we continue to enjoy our favourite upsized foods, without upsizing our favourite jeans?

Your mother was right

It turns out, your mother was absolutely right when she insisted that you share your food.

But it’s not about being kind to others. It’s a way of being kind to yourself.

Sharing takes advantage of a very phenomenon called unit bias.

Sharing food takes advantage of an interesting phenomenon called Unit Bias.

Unit Bias is the tendency for individuals to want to complete a unit or the task.

What that means in English is if someone gives you a large slice of chocolate cake, you’re likely to eat the entire thing.

But if the serving size was 25% smaller, you’d still eat the cake without feeling deprived.

We just want to finish the portion.

So when you’re sharing for your food, you’re using unit bias to your advantage, rather than being a victim of it.

Makes sense right?

So share your desserts, share your entrees. It’s such a lovely way to sample all the flavours of life – without being upsized!



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