It’s ok – you’re not alone!

I know most weight loss programmes tell us we can’t eat chocolate.

But let’s face it, those kinds of programmes make us feel deprived, which means our chocolate cravings go through the roof.

You might be relieved to know that the virtual gastric band programme, no food is off limits. And yes, that includes chocolate!

Here’s my 2 tips for how you can lose weight and still enjoy chocolate.

1. Quality over quantity, every time!

Think about how often during a normal day you end up eating chocolate that isn’t even that good.

Maybe it’s chocolate someone offered you at work. Or a gift from a kind soul.

Often its low quality chocolate or flavour or type that you don’t even like.

But we still eat it!

The easiest thing to do is make a pledge to yourself:

“I only eat high quality chocolate or chocolate that I really love.”

As soon as you do this, you can more easily turn away substandard chocolate and, save yourself for chocolate you truly love.

2. Savour the chocolate

Stop eating chocolate on the run, or having chocolate as a quick snack.

Instead, make sure that any time you eat chocolate, it’s a deliberate, conscious choice.

Sit down.

Focus on the chocolate.

Give it your full attention.

Savour the flavours and thoroughly enjoy it!

If you really do love chocolate – like you say you do – isn’t it worth the time, the space and the focus to really savour it?

You can eat chocolate and still shift the weight. It just requires a little discernment from you about how you eat it, when and what type.

If you’re ready to feel more in control and confident around chocolate, the virtual gastric band hypnosis can help. C’mon over to Lighten Up.


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