What’s subscription telly got to do with me being my happy shape and size?

It’s a valid question.


Do you remember in the olden days, when we’d watch an episode of Dukes of Hazard or David Attenborough’s Our World and we’d wait an entire seven days to find out what happened next?

(I always secretly hoped the baby wildebeest would be rescued by the camera team from the crocodiles …but I digress).


Fast forwards to now,  thanks to Netflix, we no longer have to wait seven days for the next episode.

We just press continue.

And continue.

And continue.

And continue.

Heads-up to the power of language

Have you noticed how Netflix actively encourages this binge-watching behaviour by calling one of its categories ‘binge-worthy’ shows?

This isn’t about the technology itself. It’s about how we’re using — or misusing —the technology.

Now, who doesn’t love a good movie?

I love a good series.

But there’s a big difference between coming home from work, going for a walk, having some social interaction, eating a nourishing home-cooked meal and then enjoying an episode or two.

Nice right?! It’s nourishing and honouring way to live and be present.

Versus, coming home from work, skipping moving your body, ignoring the kids, eating takeout in from the telly.

If you’re using Netflix as a way of distracting and distancing yourself from your own life, you’ve got to ask yourself, how healthy and nourishing is that really?

So enjoy Netflix but always remain present to your own life as well.

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