OK let’s talk about our driving habits.

You might be thinking what have my driving habits got to do with my weight gain or weight loss?

Quite a lot as it turns out! Here’s why.

Distracted eaters, overeat.

And driving — or at least eating while driving — is a BIG distraction.

For example, this week I worked with a lovely lass who would pop through her local drive-thru on her way home from work.

She’d eat the burger on the drive home from work, and once home, she’d hide the evidence of the burger and proceed to eat the home-cooked dinner that her partner had cooked for her.

So essentially, every week day she was eating two dinners: her burger and her home-cooked meal.

But, because she was eating the burger whilst driving and distracted by the traffic – she wasn’t even fully aware of eating the burger.

I’m not anti burgers! If you want a burger – eat the burger.

But do yourself a favour and eat the burger in the restaurant – in McDonalds or Burger King. Eat it slowly, enjoy the flavours, savour every mouthful.

Or, if you want to go drive-thru,  go and find a picturesque place where you can sit down in nature and focus on the food, enjoy the food and savour the food.

Stop eating while driving

Just because we women can multitask ….doesn’t mean we should!

By multitasking, and eating while distracted we’re gaining so much unnecessary weight unintentionally.

When you’re eating—eat.

When you’re driving—drive.

I hope you found that helpful : )

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