Sometimes when we decide to lose weight, we get all Hollywood about it.

It sounds like that’d be a good thing, but it’s not.

Here’s why…

So you’ve decided on your goal.

Maybe you want to drop a dress size.

Perhaps you want to be a more positive role model for your little girl.

Or, come off the meds.

You start making small regular steps in the right direction.

Add some time, some consistency and some repetition.

And before you know it, your trousers are starting to feel looser and your new habits are beginning to feel ‘normal’.

But…then… … stop doing what works.

What’s that about?!!!!!

Maybe you feel pressured with all the “wow, you look amazing” comments.
Perhaps you feel discouraged at the lack of comments from others because you’ve dropped three dress sizes and no-one’s said a thing!!!!
Or maybe, and it’s a biggy…

You’ve fallen for the Hollywood myth.

The Hollywood myth is when we believe the lie that it’ll “happen overnight”.

Losing weight isn’t the immediate, overnight success that we see in the movies. Only in Hollywood does the star wake up with seemingly miraculous results.

Yet we are conditioned to look for those immediate results. And we all secretly hope to find them.

But in real life, dropping a dress size, role-modelling healthy habits for your daughter, or coming off meds, is all about the small decisions you make every single day.

In the moment of each decision, it doesn’t feel that big or that meaningful.

But when you keep making those small decisions every day, you will wake up one day, and you will have achieved the goal that you want.

And I encourage you to make peace with that fact.

Forget about the Hollywood mentality!

Forget about the Oscars!

Keep going lovely.

If you’re tired of the disappointment of ‘Hollywood thinking’ and are ready for mindset shifts to help you create peace with food – I invite you to join my free women’s only Facebook group. It’s called Peace With Food. I’ll see you there!



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