Nothing takes the spring out of our step more quickly than a critical comment made by the wrong person at the wrong time.

How ironic then that the meanest person that we will ever encounter is the one living in our own heads!

You guessed it; today we’re talking about how to tame your inner critic.

The inner mean girl leads to weight gain…

Many clients share that day after day they crucify themselves with de-motivating, nit-picking, meanness.

Which sadly, leads to emotional eating, overeating, comfort eating as a form of numbing the pain.

Hello, vending machine and that third helping of chocolate cake.

Well, don’t we?!

Speaking to you as a reformed emotional eater, you need to start having a meaningful conversation with your inner critic.

Taking control…

Taming your inner critic is something we explore in detail in the Lighten up programme.

But the first step, and something you can do today, is to recognise that are NOT the conversation that is going on in your mind.

This is a light-bulb moment for many women.  To realise that just because there’s a conversation going on in your head –you don’t have to participate in the conversation nor even listen to it.

Awareness is key

The next time your head fills with disapproving voices, I encourage you to have the awareness. Recognise what’s going on.

“Okay, I’m beating myself up, I’m being mean and disapproving of myself.” So that’s the awareness.

And then, simply say, “next, please”.

“Next, please!”

Just because there’s a voice in your head doesn’t mean you have to listen to its pontifications!!!

You wouldn’t bother listening to a music track you don’t enjoy, so why listen to a voice in your head that you don’t enjoy?

So just like you would with that music track. Press fast forwards, or mentally say ‘next please,’ and you’ll be amazed at how that thought shifts away.

Yes, this practice.

And yes, this takes patience.

But it works!

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