Sooooooo many women say to me if I just had more will power, I could shift this weight.

But it’s not true.

Relying on will power is a sure fire way to fail.

We fool ourselves by thinking, “If I had more will power, I could resist that chocolate biscuit.”

Here’s why will power fails us….

You see, we all have two minds: the conscious mind and the unconscious mind.

The conscious mind houses your will power.

It’s about 10% of your mind. It’s the part of you that knows intellectually that you shouldn’t eat that fifth chocolate biscuit.

The unconscious mind is the powerhouse – it’s the other 90%.

It’s in charge of all automatic functions like breathing, healing, and it controls all of your eating habits….. including whether you eat that fifth biscuit.

You can see by the numbers that the unconscious mind that’s in control.

For example, try not to understand the following…

Yuor mnid is aimazngly perofwul! Wloceme to a wrold of hddien potential. Brtheae, realx, and konw that cahnge is esay when you use the peowr of your unconscouis mnid, the smae part taht atiutocamally understands thsee wrods.

See, the unconscious mind is an absolute powerhouse!

As you read those words, did you need to think about how to read? You just did it!

So, if you want to become the shape and size you want to be, it’s your unconscious mind you need to change.

Rather than fighting cravings, emotional eating and bad habits you can re-program in new cravings and habits that will make you the shape and size you want to be.

Remember: chagne is esay wehn you konw how!

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