At a recent BBQ, a lovely lady said “You talk a lot about self-love. I’m not interested in loving myself, but I would like to lose some weight. Can you help?”

“Loving yourself is for sissies!”

It such a juicy question because self-love is something that most people don’t talk about in the weight loss equation.

Maybe you resonate with her.

I know I did. Heck, I was her for 15 years!!!

I used to be very dismissive of anyone who mentioned self-love.

“Loving yourself is for sissies,” I believed.

Much like the lady at the BBQ, I just wanted to fit my skinny jeans.

But here’s the interesting thing.

Even when I was skinny, I didn’t like myself.

I’d lose weight with a very rigid diet, and even when I was in a smaller sized body, and fitted my skinny jeans, I still didn’t love who I saw in the mirror.

It was me in smaller sized jeans — still not liking myself.

How’s that joyful or meaningful?

Because of advertising, messages from the media, we’ve been conditioned to believe that slimness guarantees self-love.

But it’s simply not true.

It works the other way around.

When you start loving who you see in the mirror — including ‘that bit extra’ around your tummy — from that kind, gentle and loving space, you’ll be motivated to create the changes you need to make so you can fit your skinny jeans.

Here’s what I know to be true.

When your self-love is high, it feels natural to make more nutritious food choices.

When your self-love is high, it feels abhorrent to treat your body like a rubbish bin.

When your self-love is high, it feels effortless to say no to that fourth chocolate biscuit.

Because why would you ever abuse something you love?

So I encourage you, as you move through today, start to make choices for your body from a place of love.

And your body will love you for it.

I hope you found that helpful.

See you next week for another making peace with food tip x



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