Are you a perfectionist?

Having helped hundreds of women to become their happy shape and size, I can let

you in on a secret.

‘Perfectionism’ works NOT at all as a weight-loss tool.

(Hands up if you’ve already found this to be true!!!)

The big myth…

In our heavily photoshopped and diet-driven world, we’ve been tricked into believing that if we are just “a bit more perfect”, we’ll lose weight — and live happily ever after.

It’s a complete and utter myth.

The problem with perfectionism is that it conveniently forgets something fundamental:  that we’re human, and we live in the real world (not the Instagram world!)

Here’s how destructive perfectionist thinking can be:

For example, you decide to sugar-free. But uh-oh it’s also your kid’s birthday, so you eat a slice of his cake.

And instead of savouring the chocolatey treat and celebrating your boy’s birthday –  you immediately berate yourself.

“Oh crap, I’ve eaten the cake — what a disaster—I might as well eat the party food out of the way, and I’ll go sugar-free on Monday.”

That’s the lie of perfectionism. It makes us quit on ourselves. Hello, guilt and shame.

Aspiring for perfection leads to weight gain

Many of the women I work with have been doing this on high repetition for years.

The more perfect they try to be, the more weight they gain.

And it’s not your fault – being perfect is a myth that the diet industry spends billions of dollars tricking us into believing.

Ditch perfection for this.

Here’s what I want you to do instead…

First of all – stop with the extreme soul-destroying diets!!!!!

Second – focus on progress over perfection

I get that progress over perfection feels counterintuitive at first.

But it allows you to be human.

It allows you to stumble, to dust yourself off and keep on keeping on without the heaviness of guilt r shame.

For example, just because you had a slice of cake doesn’t mean you have to eat the rest of your kid’s party food.

It reduces the drama, and the “OMG, I fail at everything!!”

You’re human!

By focusing on progress over perfection, you recalibrate your mind.

You replace that All or Nothing thinking…that we’ve learned from the diet industry (which keeps us stuck!)

And before you know it, you’ll well on the way to becoming your happy shape and size, imperfectly, step by step by step.



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