Are you a night-time eater?

Many of the women I work with in the clinic or the online programme Lighten Up, are night-time eaters. It’s a very common issue.

Many women talk about how it’s easy to stay on track during the day at the office, but from about 4pm onwards, things start to deteriorate.

Is that you?!

Here are three tips to help you ease back on evening overeating:

1. Are you robbing Peter to pay Paul?

Make sure you’re not cutting back so much on your portion size during the day, that it leaves you hungry in the evenings.

Yes, we can probably all cut back on our portion sizes, but often what we’re doing is cutting back so much that you are more likely to want to snack, nibble and graze after the evening meal.

When you think about it, it’s cruel to make to cut back on our portion sizes so much you make yourself hungry – and then be angry at yourself for wanting to eat!

So just check in with yourself to make sure you’re not robbing Peter to pay Paul.

2. Are you restricting the foods you’re eating?

Remember the more you say “I’m not allowed to eat this”, the more you will feel cravings for that exact food.

It’s the old what is repressed becomes the obsessed.

The key point is – all foods are on the menu. Nothing is repressed in this weight loss approach.

As soon as you’re allowed to eat whatever you want, and you don’t feel guilty for it, a lot of the drive to consume large quantities late in the day, just goes away.

3. Are you lonely?

Check-in with yourself. Despite social media and having oodles of facey friends, many clients recognise that they feel lonely but aren’t aware that they did.

We’re social creatures – no man or woman is an island.

For a lot of people, night time is when they are more likely to be alone. This loneliness can lead to extra eating.

Many clients find it freeing to have an awareness that food doesn’t have the capacity to be their friend – or at least not a very good one anyway.



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